Who said that your blog content always needs to be serious and professional? Sometimes, as it happens in real life, it’s better to start the conversation breaking the ice with a joke. Additionally, using funny content in your blog and social media will help you appeal to your audience’s emotional side, increasing your chances of engaging with them.

In this blog post, we follow our own advice and bring you 15 Digital Marketing Jokes that you can use in your future posts, or as conversation starters in your encounters with your clients.

1. How do you get people to notice you online?

You have to really make an impression.


2. What is a movie director’s favourite part of a paid search ad?

The call to ACTION!


3. Why did the naughty lead’s phone ring at 1 AM?

For a booty call-to-action.

Digital Marketing Jokes - Pirate

4. What’s a pirate’s favourite content format?

The WebinARRR! …preferably one that’s B2Sea.


5. What do religion and paid search advertisers have in common?

They really want people to convert.


6. Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

Lack of engagement.


7. Did you hear about the new tactic where you co-create content with ill celebrities?

It’s called influenza marketing. It’s really going viral.


8.Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married?

Because they weren’t on the same landing page.




9. How to eat doughnuts on different social media channels:


Digital Marketing Jokes - Donuts

…Ouch Google+


1o. A SEO copywriter walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, pubs, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…   


11. And what does the SEO professional when she sees twins?

Duplicated content.


12. Sorry, that was not fair to SEO professionals 🙁

My apologies, apology, apologize, best apology, how to apologize, really sorry…


13. What does the new Chips Ahoy Marketing Director do on his first day at work?

Enable cookies.

14.What is the safest place to hide a body?

The second page of Google…


15. Be careful with who are your social media fans.





  • Adding humour to your social media strategy can be a great way to get people’s attention.
  • By appealing to your audience’s emotions, you might have a better chance to engage with them.
  • Digital Marketing jokes are funny, but jokes about SEO professionals are hilarious 😉


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