3 tips to prevent that your (mostly expensive) content becomes spam


Admit it, you have committed to do more content marketing next year, right? Wel… You’re not the only one. There are a lot of companies training their employees in writing blogs, more online knowledge-sharing and thus more production of content. This means a lot of new content is coming. But, there’s already that much content. The organic reach has decreased from 12% to les than 1,7% in only 3 years. Meaning your content won’t reach your audience by itself. But how can it? Much discussed topics During Social Media Week Rotterdam last week by Steen Rasmussen, Kirsten Steenvoort, Patrick de Pauw and many others.

Here are 3 tips to prevent your content to become spam:

  1. Make sure good content quality is key
  2. Segment! Focus on a small audience. Find the niche.
  3. Get collaboration from your employees.

1. Make sure good content quality is key.

Quality conquers quantity. Steen Rasmussen predicts a content overload that will affect our behavior. This content overload will create the danger that we will experience content as spam. We get to much content and cannot handle it anymore. We start selecting and make choices about what we let in and what not.
Besides all that, we start seeing more and more fake “news”. “Facebook has to clean up the fake stories”. You even see Facebook is making rules to prevent “fake stories” from happening. So Hooray for true, quality content. Even Google is going to reward good content with higher rankings.

2. Segment! Focus on a small audience. Find the niche.

Relevant content is even more important. Segmenting your audience for whom you’ll be making this awesome content is necessary. By working with social advertising you’ll reach your audience and build your customer database and segments. This way you can reach your audience and even get more insights in their customer needs and dialog. Dialog brings positivity. This way enthusiasm among employees will grow when they have more consumer contact and get more feedback on their product/service.
Rasmussen explained: “Facebook motivation for reach is: the worst reach you have, the better it is for them.” The more you pay to reach your audience, the better for them of course. For us it means investing in more knowledge, experience and money in social advertising.
“Facebook motivation for reach is: the worst reach you have, the better it is for them.”

3. Work with ambassadors.

Word-of-mouth, recommendations from people you know is and stays thé most reliable form of advertising. So, invest in your true ambassadors, as well internal and external. The biggest ambassadors are the ones your see every day. It’s your co-worker or employee. Involve them in your content production and distribution, the spreading of your content. Experts keep saying this is worth investing in. Even if not wanting to participate and be active on social media resonates in your company hall ways. Keep investing in your ambassadors, prepare a good reward as an activity, money or sponsoring of an NGO and most of all, make it fun!

Tools exist to make this process as easy as it is fun. Do realize it can happen an ambassador makes mistakes. We’re all human. How to handle that? In this strategy punishment isn’t the right way to handle. Make learning from mistakes a fun thing. Discuss and guide your employees in this process. Train them in the use of social media. Give workshops, help them installing apps (yes, it can be this simple) and take your employees by the hand. It sure costs time, but also gives much back! Spreading through employees gives you more reach, but also very effective word-of-mouth advertising.


  • –  Prevent content from becoming spam
  • –  Make sure you reach your audience
  • –  Build up a relation with them
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