Digital word of mouth has the power to build you up or tear you down. However, there are many ways in which it can help your organization.


Setting up a search for a job profile takes time and recruitment companies that can speed up the process charge high fees.  But, why not let your employees find their own new colleague through their social network?

Dataflow, an IT consultancy company from Belgium, needed to recruit two new colleagues with a very specific profile for the HR department. It had to be fast and low cost.

Instead of using the traditional recruitment methods, DataFlow decided to go for a more creative solution based on word of mouth marketing.

They created a landing page with a vacancy form and shared it with 40 of their employees.  Furthermore, they added a sparkle of gamification to boost participation. They created different teams named under their beloved Star Wars characters (Yoda Team, Skywalker team, etc.). As a result, they offered the team that get more engagement on social media a budget for a team event.

Let the Talent Wars begin!!

As a result, the job offer got more than 2,000 visits and they were able to recruit the two new teammates in less than 3 weeks and at almost no cost.


2. Employee Advocacy

Most of the brands usually forget about their most valuable marketing asset: their employees. Word of mouth can help your organization inform, educate and engage the workforce – improving company culture & turning employees into ambassadors.

A good example of this is Go! Onderwijs, a Belgian public institution who wanted to connect with all their employees and ask them to spread awareness about the organization’s work.

The organization run an ambassador recruitment campaign and created a portal where their internal supporters could become ambassadors of the organization. They created above all specific segments so that ambassadors would only receive content that they were really interested in.

As a result, the organization could recruit over 1,600 internal ambassadors in a few weeks who are more than willing to share the organization’s stories on their social media channels.


3. Fundraising

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. If you work for a nonprofit, you have probably already asked your community to donate or volunteer for the organization. But, have you tried to ask them to share your story with their friends, family or colleagues?

It may not have occurred to a supporter that just sharing your content can be helpful. Some people might not be in a good position to donate or have time to volunteer. However, helping you spread the word doesn’t take any money, it´s not time-consuming and it can have an important impact on your fundraising.

Explain your supporters that, because so much of your budget is devoted to the organization’s activities and programs, it’s hard to spread your message through traditional marketing. You will more likely receive a positive reaction.

Just remember the famous Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 which ended up raising over 115 million dollars. And everything thanks to digital word of mouth! It started as a fun challenge between ALS’ supporters and ended with the participation of celebrities such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

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