Typically, brands who are looking for individuals to promote them normally tend to search for outsiders. What this means is that companies seek happy buyers or influencers to give their brand a “boost”. Unfortunately, they are looking further than necessary to achieve these goals.

What they sometimes fail to see is that their best promoters are sitting in the same building they’re in. Enter “Employee Advocacy”. Employee advocacy can support brand marketing and we will discuss how.


1.) Starting with the Basics: Reach

The impact your company’s employees have is far greater than you might realize. This is due to 2 facts: 1.) in a study made by LinkedIn, they showed that “employees collectively have social networks ten times larger than a corporate brand does”, and 2.) the impact your employees have on their peers when sharing your message can be immense (employee shares have double the CTR of corporate shares).

Now if those 2 facts alone don’t tickle your feathers…

It’s always important to remember that reach shouldn’t ever be your goal but it is an important stepping-stone to analyzing other metrics successfully.

2.) Let them be ‘social’ at work

You want employees to feel empowered and free to share content. But this is not possible when companies discourage the use of social media during working hours. If this is the case in your organization, you need to make clear that the company is behind employees participation and trusts them to use social media.

Trust your employees and give them online freedom. Your programme will work better if your company has a transparent online culture.

To be sure everything runs smoothly, you can create some social media guidelines. This is just to be sure that your brand’s message is communicated in the right way. You should not aim to control your employees’ online behaviour, but some clear guidelines will help your employees communicate your organization’s message in a better way.

3.) Double-down on Brand Values

Employee advocates can be used to portray and further reinforce the values your brand stands for. This, in turn, helps your company’s message come through powerfully as transparent and authentic. Perhaps a great example of this is from the brand “Lush” which is known for sticking tightly towards its range of core values (from diversity in workspace to commitment to ethically produced products). How they approach their brand marketing is nothing but interesting (and clever). By adopting the core values mentioned above, Lush is able to transmit a precise and clear brand marketing image…all while depicting the choice of employees they have. What does this do? It enables a potent positive feeling amongst employees regarding the company, setting the road to an excellent employee advocacy program! Since they have share common purpose with the brand, they will be much more willing to engage and share Lush’s messages!

4.) B-B-BONUS! 🎉

Position your employees as thought leaders! There TWO big reasons why you should let your employees produce content. Firstly, UGC (User Generated Content) is becoming increasingly popular in today’s social channels and a brand who gives way for their employees to have a voice is already on the way to formulating a great company culture. This way, an employee can share their knowledge of their role and ultimately feel a lot more valued within a company!

Aaand TWO: As you may or may not know, content takes massive amounts of time to research, produce and execute. Using your employees’ knowledge, your internal marketing teams can have an extra support when it comes to this task! Encourage your marketing team to reach out to potential thought leaders within the company’s organisation and have them make interactive content for employees to share!


Getting your employees engaged in your programme will always be a challenge, but leading by example and showing the real benefits it has for the employee itself will help you get an engaged army of employees who spread your content on social media.

Through employee advocacy, employees will be able to develop their personal brand and they will be considered as thought leaders.

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