If you are a company and you have ANY will to be hiring staff in the future you have to be aware of today’s changing market and what job prospects look at when applying to your openings. In this short article, we give you 3 commonly-overlooked points (and a bonus must-have) that will help you with your employer branding efforts, improve your Employer Branding!

1.) 🌱 All-Natural, All Clear

Be authentic. Naturally, you want your Employer Branding to be the gravitating force that pulls searchers towards your company. But there is a need to look beyond the usual “we have a nacho dispenser, Steve from accounting is a black belt in karate and Oompa Loompas take care of the cleaning after-hours” type of presentation. This way of presenting yourself is great and works fantastically but you NEED…I’ll say that again…you NEED to make sure that you are 100% transparent. In the end, what your Employer Branding must portray is honesty and inspire trust to those looking at it. All the cool, funky things are always more than welcome but being real should be your #1 priority. If not, you’ll risk your company’s reputation to stoop low and be perceived as fake. This will improve your Employer Branding strategy.

Pro-tip: Begin with what you already have. Your Employment Branding efforts should be geared towards things that ACTUALLY happen or perhaps will be happening in the future (Frisky Frituur Fridays, anyone?). No need for a full-blown image of an adult-sized digital playground in the center of the office- rather it can be of a few colleagues truly enjoying a happy conversation. Authenticity sells itself.

2.) 🚀 Activate Your Social Channels

Oh boy, this is quite a tough one and more common than it should be. Your social media game is weak. Your posts are not engaging, your content is boring, or perhaps worse, you aren’t even present. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some), social media has become the main way people in today’s world communicate and learn. Yes it can be time consuming and yes there a billion updates every day and YES it’s tough to be consistent…but the truth is, social media is happening and will only get larger for years to come. I cannot stress how important it is for companies to fully embrace these channels and, more so, begin seeing them as crucial components to their employer branding strategies. So to get started do the following (by the way, this could be a completely separate blog entry on its own due to its importance):

  • Find creative and fun ways to engage with your fans. Invent a hashtag or post silly polls- anything, as long as it’s aligned with your employer brand core values
  • Automate. There are TONS of tools out there that you can use to help make these tasks easier. A quick Google search will literally give you dozens of options most of the times. These can help anywhere from scheduling posts to coming up with creative descriptions for them. It’s out there, you just need to look.
  • Be consistent! Probably the toughest thing regarding social media is the ability to stick to a schedule and constantly produce valuable media that your audience enjoys. Remember to take a step back sometimes if you need to “re-align and adjust” your strategy. Post articles for thought leadership (your fans will love sharing these), interactive videos or even memes!

3.) 🔬 Too Much Focus On The Little Things

TRUTH BOMB: Not a lot of people care how many gadgets you sold this quarter or when your company was founded. 

It hurts, I know, but the fantastic news is that those people DO care about which kinds of people work for you, how they blend with the core values of your company, why they decided to stick around for so long and so forth. These candidates need to be able to visualize what it is exactly that makes your company so much more attractive than the rest- so why not see it as an opportunity to let those unique and beautiful characteristics shine through?

Pro Tip: Be visual. This is a big one- not only can you incorporate brand values and schemes in media such as infographics, videos, images, etc but these elements alone give your prospect a way to consciously (and unconsciously) get an immediate feel of what type of company you are and learn about you along the way! A proper win-win!

Pro Tip 2: If you’re trying to get granular and create high-impact content to show, create short and informal videos of someone/something in your office. For example, take Jeffrey, your bearded lift operator, and make a 40-second video showing how he works with the lift’s controls and when he uses them in a real scenario. Doesn’t have to be complicated, just needs to be authentic, engaging and, hopefully, insightful.

4.) 🎯 Introduce an Employee Advocacy Program.

Word of mouth is, and always will be, one of the most effective tools in any company’s arsenal. By integrating an employee advocacy program, you gain the ability to activate your company’s ambassadors and work with them to share messages from your company. This solution provides a long-term, scalable traffic source for your company’s content!

Luckily for you, we have developed and optimized an employee advocacy platform that makes it as simple and effective as possible for you to start your own employee advocacy program! The process is completely streamlined and intuitive as it gets- click here to request a demo. It works like this:

  1. Recruit: Easily create an ambassador portal to recruit your ambassadors.
  2. Activate: Create your campaign and send it out for your ambassadors to share
  3. Engage: Connect with your ambassadors to build fruitful, long-lasting relationships
  4. Harvest: Sit back, relax and check your stats! Enjoy a top-of-the-line insights portal for you to see all the numbers that matter most to you.

Social Seeder is known for it’s “easy-yet-powerful” platform that delivers outstanding results- yes…but that’s not what makes us great. The real “secret sauce” lies within our support and on-boarding staff. After becoming a client, we take you by the hand and walk you A-Z throughout the platform and all it’s features. With great pride, we offer an incredible service and are certainly not shy to brag about it.

When you’re with us, we make sure to set you up for success. Period. If you want to know more about how to get started or want to request a demo, please don’t hesitate to do so! 👍🏼


Employer Branding can seem like a daunting task in this day and age but it’s really not as complicated as some make it out to be. There is no “real” recipe that you can apply and voilà, you’re done! All you need is a bit of organization, creativity, consistency and the will to improve to begin making HUGE positive changes to your branding efforts.

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