5 Secrets to Successful Employer Branding

How to build an employer brand holistically - from the recruitment stage to long-term engagement building.

June 9 2021, 16.00 CEST,  60 minutes

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Meet the speakers


Torgil Lenning

Founder and CEO, Potentialpark


Bram Huyghe

Inside Sales & Account Director,
Social Seeder


Patrick De Pauw

Founder and CEO, Social Seeder

About the webinar

From recruitment to engagement

For the employee, the path from candidate to becoming an engaged, thriving member of the team is an unbroken singular experience.

What does this mean for your employer branding strategy? How can you ensure it stays consistent?

Join our webinar on June 9th, 2021 to find out the secrets to building an employer brand holistically that we learned from helping companies like Toyota, ING, Unilever and more.


What you can expect to learn


Developing your toolkit

How to use available resources and tools to build a successful individual-centered employer branding strategy.


Securing buy-in

How to get senior management and line managers onboard with your communication and employer branding strategy.


Building engagement

How to analyse what makes your employees tick to create employee engagement based on authenticity and true affinities


Breeding authenticity

How to use context and relevance to create overlap between what matters to you as the company and what matters to your employees

Social Seeder and Potentialpark have between them more than a decade of helping businesses attract and retain the right talent.

Ready to learn our employer branding secrets?

The webinar is limited to 100 seats. In case of overcapacity, we will place on you on the waiting list.