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It’s 2019 and another year has started here at Social Seeder! Now more than ever, employer branding in companies is of the utmost importance. The paradigm is shifting, digital transformation is stronger than ever before, and companies are arming themselves with the correct tools to make sure their employer branding is bullet-proof. Below you will find 7 facts on employer branding that you need to be aware of:

1.) 👉🏼 “You Don’t Pick Talent, Talent Picks You”

As from a report posted by Hipo.ro, the volume of recruitment will increase in the following years, seeing as 76% of companies have stated that their costs of hiring are increasing. This makes way for a market driven by candidates- and not the other way around. Understanding and assimilating this concept is paramount for any company looking to reduce costs and improve employee experience.
Pro-tip: Approach new candidates the way you would approach customers. Employer branding has become such a necessity in a competing recruitment market that it is indisputable at this point to not invest in it.

2.) 43% Decrease in Hiring Costs

Following a report made my LinkedIn, companies with a stronger employer brand see a 43% decrease in cost in hiring than those of their weaker competitors. By investing resources in building a stronger employer brand, companies saw that they no longer were at the mercy of paid advertising campaigns to recruit. They simply realized that in order to attract candidates, they brand itself had to be attractive first.
A shocking 75% of candidates check out your company’s employer brand before even hitting the “Apply” button (CareerArc). Given this information, the only logical way to compete in the market for talent is to position yourself as the best option in their field AND *important* reflect the true colors of your company at all times. Transparency help avoid many bumps that might get found down the road

3.) Candidates Trust Employees 300% More

This shouldn’t come as an enormous surprise but it’s how things are. Candidates who want to know more information on working for a certain company prefer talking to the employees of that company as opposed to talking to the employer. Why? Because the employees of your company reflect the TRUE nature of your business and if you have a strong employer brand strategy in place, they will speak highly of you!
Simple but relevant example: You go to a sandwich shop, you buy a sandwich, the sandwich is terrible, someone outside asks you how it was…you know the rest.
Be a good sandwich 🍞

4.) 94% of Candidates are Likely to Apply if Employer Brand is Managed

Thats a staggering number…and with due reason. Candidates care for the fact that they will be taken care of! If a candidate looks at your employer brand and sees that it’s management is lacking and overall feel is “abandoned” they’ll run away. Far, far away.
In contrast, when a candidate sees that your company is active, that you lead team events, that you give your employees a voice, that you are innovative and immersed, that the overall “brand feel” is up-kept…well it’s an obvious (BIG) plus!
To add on to this fact, 91% of job seekers find a poorly-managed or designed online presence damaging to employer brand. If your brand is not taking advantage of its digital resources then its missing out big-time. Your website, your newsletter, your social media all of it tells a story of who you are. Don’t paint the wrong picture to your candidates by not going all-in.
Instead, give information, make user-experience a delight, host online events, offer gratification! The point is to get creative and execute strategies that coincide with all aspects of your online presence.

5.) 1-2x Recruiting Speed & 50% Increasing in Qualification

LinkedIn has reported that companies with a strong employer brand see faster speeds when recruiting. Instead of being “talent-hungry“, your employer brand should so well formed that you are “talent-stuffed“. Cheesy, I know, but true nonetheless!
The impact you have on candidates’ perception of you is correlated to your company’s success.
55% of job seekers abandon applications after reading negative reviews online of the company- only 45% of those employers monitor or address those reviews (TalentNow). 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even if it meant a higher pay.

6.) 70% of Hiring Managers Have Successfully Hired with Social

In an effort to better integrate in today’s world, recruitment was bound to drip and spill into social networks. The endless possibilities that platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc provide is simply too big to go unnoticed. In fact, 80% of employers say that social recruiting helps them find passive candidates.
When combined with employee advocacy platforms such as Social Seeder, companies give the opportunity to their employees to search for talent as well! With this, your company can strengthen the bond between employer-employee, increase social reach, and find fantastic talent with the help of your employees’ network!
Take our client, Dataflow, for example. They were successfully able to reach new talent and fill 2 positions in under 3 weeks by using Social Seeder.
In total they got 49 qualified candidates and 2,000+ visits to their openings just by integrating a formal employee advocacy program. Read the full case here
If you want to know more about how Social Seeder works click here to request your demo. We adapt to your schedule, so don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

7.) Companies with Engaged Employees Outperform by 202%

“Happy employee happy company.”
Plain and simple, the more inspiring your work atmosphere is the more results will come out of your employees. These people are the backbone to your company and your most important asset. They are also humans and should be treated with kindness and respect. Taking care of them should be a top priority in your employer branding efforts.
If you give them a reason to work well (fun work place, engaging activities, random acts of kindness, etc) they will WANT to work harder because they are proud of the organization they are in! It’s always important to have attention to detail because that’s exactly where your employees are looking at.


Alright alright alright! These were the 7 employer branding facts that you needed to know. Moral of the story: get active, get creative and get going! It’s a tough competition out there but with a solid strategy and the tools *us* necessary to get the job done your company can and will succeed in bettering its employer brand. Hope you enjoyed the read as much as we loved making it! Cheers!
Just remember, be a good sandwich.

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