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One team, one dream

We are a small team of people with different backgrounds, skills and cultures. Social Seeder is shaped by all of us. We are one team, we have one dream: reimagining the way we interact, share stories, and create lasting relationships.

One team, one dream
What we offer


We are so excited and proud of our employee advocacy solution.


An easy-to-use platform to manage employee advocacy programmes.


Training and consulting tracks to help you obtain the best possible results.

Heroic support

The best support ever to make sure nothing stops you.


Together stronger and bigger

Meet the team working to make employee advocacy simpler for you.

Patrick De Pauw
Patrick De Pauw CEO

Dado Van Peteghem
Dado Van Peteghem Founder

Bart Vermeir
Bart Vermeir Sales Director

Jef Van Hoyweghen
Jef Van Hoyweghen Lead Developer

Gonçalo Belo
Gonçalo Belo Full-stack Developer

Sarah Godani
Sarah Godani Full-stack Developer

Thomas Berger
Thomas Berger Marcom Specialist

Bram Huyghe
Bram Huyghe Customer Success

Lukas De Pauw
Lukas De Pauw Customer Success

Philippe Smets
Philippe Smets Business Development Australia

Chatchai Sribunruang
Chatchai Sribunruang UX Designer

Jakub Majewski
Jakub Majewski Project Manager


The world of Social Seeder

We do what we love, day in and day out. That’s why we do it so well. We understand the challenges brands face today while communicating with their community. We are here to solve problems, learn from them, and use that knowledge to innovate.