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Patrick De Pauw
Patrick De PauwCEO
Dado Van Peteghem
Dado Van PeteghemFounder
Sebastian Matoso
Sebastian MatosoBusiness Development Manager
Didier Decaestecker
Didier DecaesteckerCountry Manager in Belgium and Luxembourg
Jef Van Hoyweghen
Jef Van HoyweghenLead Developer
Gonçalo Belo
Gonçalo BeloFull-stack Developer
Bram Huyghe
Bram HuygheCustomer Success
Asier Aranguiz
Asier AranguizDigital Marketer
Thomas Berger
Thomas BergerMarcom Specialist
Fabrice Pittet
Fabrice PittetCountry Manager in Switzerland
Philippe Smets
Philippe SmetsBusiness Development Australia
Diederik van Dam
Diederik van DamCountry Manager in The Netherlands
Lukas De Pauw
Lukas De PauwCustomer Success
Chatchai Sribunruang
Chatchai SribunruangUX Designer
Vaha Malsagov
Vaha MalsagovTechnical Consultant

Bruno Peeters

Social Media Expert at Belfius Bank

Social Seeder allowed Belfius to stimulate employees to spread messages on their social media channels. As ambassadors of the company, employees are very well placed to distribute messages, such as publicising campaigns, letting people know when the company is looking for new people or spreading news about sponsorship initiatives. In this way, employees can ensure that the initiatives of Belfius get wider exposure.

Robbin Sacre

Marketing Expert at Proximus

We always want to be close to our customers, that’s what we stand for as a Proximus employees. Social seeder gives us the opportunity to get closer to our customers through social media as well.
Our sales and marketing people have a wide social network. This is a great asset for us because a personal message from a friend or an acquaintance has much more impact than any other form of communication. Our internal staff are also more concerned with the stories we’re seeding and are highly appreciated as an ambassador


Content Manager at Belfius Bank

What do I, as an ambassador, find so great about Social Seeder? That it’s so user-friendly. You receive an e-mail containing a ready-to-go message that you can share with your own network via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by simply pressing a button.
And perhaps the most important aspect: it works. A while back, the bank advertised a series of vacancies for young professionals. When I shared the seeding campaign with my friends and followers, I received an amazing number of reactions from young people in my network who asked me what it was like to work at Belfius.


Marketing Expert at Nuon

Social Seeder makes sharing so much easier. And above that, I love the fact that this software makes it possible to see the impact of all of my colleagues' social shares. This is not only very valuable to our organisation, but it�s fun for them as well: the gamification element surely adds to the experience.


Managing Director at JUSt.Agency

As a preferred partner for Social Seeder we have the advantage to offer our customers a high level and efficient platform that makes use of Social Ambassadors. We see the social activation via brand lovers or ambassadors as an important next step to spread different messages to other individuals.


Head of Social Media at Reed MIDEM

We've been using Social Seeder for just over a year now. It's enabled us to activate hundreds of ambassadors, and through them reach over 300,000 people. This has more than doubled our overall social reach, beyond our 240k-strong fanbase, and allowed us to start building a long-term ambassador plan. It has also enabled us to start employee advocacy, by sharing ambassador pushes internally too. Social Seeder will be a key part of our social media strategy in the future.

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The Roots of Social Seeder



    This means a lot to us and we really appreciate your visit


  • Opening of Amsterdam office


    And the best man for this job is... Diederik van Dam!

  • Asier comes on board


    Some excellent marketing is on the horizon


  • 3rd place in DMA awards


    ... again 😉

  • Thomas joins the team


    And he's here to stay!

  • Korean start-up challenge


    Proud to be one of the 85 participating startups of the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2016!

  • Seb joins the team


    The perfect person to help Social Seeder expand further

  • Move to Vilvoorde


    One of the nicest towns in Belgium. You should come to visit us!

  • First customers and partners from The Netherlands start to come in. So exciting!


    There we go! Next step: "Opening an office in Amsterdam"

  • Launch of new platform compliant for banking industry


  • Bram joins the team


    Now we can take support to the next level


  • 3rd place in DMA awards


    Thanks to the organizers! We are very grateful for this award, and we will come back next year 🙂

  • Chun Kay comes on board!


    Our new customer success hero. Things are looking brighter and brighter for Social Seeder!

  • First sales person come on board


    We are in business now!

  • We move to Mechelen


    In the heart of Belgium

  • Jef joins Social Seeder


    Our new Lead Developer promises to bring some awesome improvements to our platform

  • First big contracts start coming.


    Reed Midem becomes a client. Our first international customer!


  • Patrick joins Social Seeder


    With the guts and motivation to take Social Seeder to a whole new level

  • Birth of Social Seeder


    Creation of our beloved platform by its founding fathers: Jo Caudron, Dado Van Peteghem and Matthias Stevens

Start of Social Seeder