Social Seeder continues growing and this week we are excited to introduce our new hire, Mathis Torres from, who will be working as a business development intern.

Mathis comes from Lyon (France) to help us with the international expansion of Social Seeder. We expect great things from him.

And, without further delay, here is a short interview we had with Mathis to learn a bit more about our new team member:


Why did you decide to move to Belgium to join Social Seeder?

In France, I study Entrepreneurship specialised in International Management. Social Seeder was the perfect combination of what I was looking for: innovation and strong desire of changing habits and needs in international development. Social Seeder provides me all I need for my personal development.


What would you like to accomplish during your internship?

I would like to accomplish a full international development process from A to Z (from market analysis to finally starting work abroad, passing through making new partnerships). My internship is only 3 months long but I am confident, and I will do my best in order to get the biggest part of the process done.


How does your ideal day at work look like?

First of all my train arrives “in time”, I arrive at the office and grab a cup of coffee because that one tastes way better than at home, my day at work can now start. My morning schedule is full with market analysis and data collection – results are getting even better than I expected. Already noon, we gather the team and have lunch all together, talking and laughing about this and that. In the afternoon, we participate in a very interesting fair with Patrick, this is also an opportunity for Social Seeder to get new contacts and future partners. Time to go back home – I hope tomorrow will be as fun as today.


How would you describe Social Seeder in three words?

Future, engagement, proactivity.


What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I like running and especially trail running in wide spaces (e.g. mountains), but I am never against having a drink or hanging out with friends. I also like travelling and discovering new cultures. I always have a next plan in mind.


What is your favourite thing about Belgium so far?

What I like the most about Belgium is probably Belgian people. They are always ready to help, kind and ready for a joke, they take life as it comes. The weather so far is not as bad as I was told but my Belgian friends keep telling me to keep my umbrella next to me, just “because it’s Belgium”.


Describe an odd habit of yours

I use to secretly listen to an old French music band called “Tragedy”. In public everyone says this is a shame to listen to this kind of music in 2018. However, I am pretty sure everyone does same as me anyway.


#Random: If you would be an animal for one day, what would it be and why?

I would probably be a fox (I’ve done a test on internet) because it tries to be always ahead and proactive in order to never get surpassed by things. It tends to always think about the next step.

Welcome to the team, Mathis!

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