Luca joins the Social Seeder team!

Social Seeder keeps on growing and we are very excited to introduce you to our new colleague, Luca! He will be working as our new digital marketer. And we expect great things from him. Here is a short interview we had with Luca to learn a bit more about our new team member.

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The Importance of a Great Slogan and Taglines – With Examples.

First of all, what is a slogan? In business, a slogan is “a catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company.” Simply said, it’s a mini-statement about your business. The goal is to leave a key brand message in a consumers mind.

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How to get Your Employees to Care About Your Employee Advocacy Programme

The most common challenge organizations face when rolling out their advocacy programmes is the engagement of their employees. In order to get your employees engaged, they need to understand why they do it and what the benefits are.

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People at a community event

How to Get the Most Out of Your Own Events Through Employee Advocacy.

In order the fully maximize the ROI of your upcoming events or conferences you can’t strictly rely on paid advertising and email campaigns as the only promotional methods. It’s worth considering an employee advocacy programme and here’s why.

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Being Relevant by Giving Something Back

First of all, what does it mean to be relevant? The Oxford English Dictionary defines “relevance” as “the state of being closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand.”

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5 Fun Things to do With Your Ambassadors During Summer

An ambassador programme goes further than just asking people to share your content, you have to get people involved and create a community of engaged people. To achieve this we believe that it’s good to give small incentives or organize activities everyone can enjoy.

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Content your employees would actually share with Examples

Having people from your organization share your content on their own social media channels is a great way to increase organic traffic, but not everyone is willing to share all of the content you provide. In this post, we’ll take a look at content a company can provide that triggers people to share.

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Funny Facts About the Social Seeder Team

Behind every company, there is a team (obvious) where each team member has something crazy and funny that’s unique to them. For you to get to know the Social Seeder team a bit better, we have created this post with a fun fact about every team member. Enjoy! Read more

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8 Tips to boost your employee advocacy programme

If you are already using an employee advocacy programme we will now offer you 8 tips on how you can boost your programme.

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How Education Industries are Succeeding with Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy has lots of things to offer and can be used in many different industry types. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at two different education groups and see how they are using advocacy to their advantage. Read more