Here are some of the most important reasons why employee advocacy should be a no-brainer for your company.

10 Great Reasons to Invest in employee advocacy
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1. Organic reach is going down

By 2012, Facebook posts reached an average 16% of fans, by early 2014 this has already dropped to 6.5% and by early 2016 it was below 2%.

This trend continues, and Facebook keeps making changes that will make your organic reach drop even more.

Source: Hubspot


2. 84% of people trust recommendations from friends and family above anything

Trust plays a vital role in online marketing, and online recommendations can make or break a business.

By adding advocacy marketing to your marketing plan, you create the human touch your brand needs. Employees or fans promoting your product are more reliable and trustworthy.

Source: Nielsen


3. 88% of B2B marketers are using social media

From large corporations to small businesses, they are all promoting their brand, and engaging with customers, online. There is so much competition!

Creating a community of your employees and fans as ambassadors can help you overcome this challenge and boost your brand on social media.

Source: Fronetics


4. It’s the most natural way to increase your brand’s reach

Each of your employees has an average of 800 social media connections. This may not seem like much, compared to the fan base of a big company. But when you calculate the combined reach of your employees, you’ll get a real sense of how many people you can reach.

This reach is created through word-of-mouth communication, making it more natural, human, and persuasive.

Source: Nielsen 


5. More people will click through to your content

People are more likely to engage with content when it comes from someone they know.

Employee advocacy drives higher click-through rates. Employees generate 2x higher click-through rates compared to corporate brands sharing the same content.

Source: LinkedIn


6. Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement

Activating your ambassadors across your organization helps you generate high social engagement with your content, compared to brands’ social channels.

Users are 8x more likely to like, comment or share content coming from your employees than content posted on your brand’s social channels.

Source: Social Media Today


7. It will improve employee engagement

Investing in employee advocacy can make the difference between engaged and disengaged employees.

Employees socially engaged with their companies are more likely to stay with that company, feel optimistic about the company’s future and believe the company is more competitive.

Source: Altimeter


8. Customers referred by employees have a higher retention rate

Advocacy sparks conversations leading to recommendations. These recommendations head to higher sales at lower costs.

Additionally, customers referred by advocates have a 73% higher retention rate.

Source: Deloitte


9. Referrals are one of the top sources of external hires

Referrals are one of the top sources of external hires, and employee advocates are perfect referrers.

Recruitment campaigns driven by employee advocacy cost less than recruitment agencies and provide higher qualified candidates.

Source: Social Media Today


10. Employee advocacy has a great return on investment

Nearly 64% of companies with a formal employee advocacy programme credit employee advocacy for developing new business.

Additionally, nearly 45% of companies contribute to new revenue streams by employee advocacy.

Source: Hinge Research Institute

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