Starting an entire ambassador programme is not done overnight but we do have a few good tips on how to quick-start you!

1.Just … DO IT!

Starting small is better than not starting at all! This enables you to gather learnings on a daily basis without any risk. Even a small group of ambassadors can have a big impact!

So now you are asking yourself: who should my first (power)advocates be? We recommend starting with the people that already stand out. The ones that are always ready to help and are already telling your tale online. They are your biggest ambassadors!

organisation sharing

ambassador sharing


2.The workshop

Don’t know where to start, what goals to set, who to align with, who your ambassadors are, what content to use? Then a workshop is a perfect idea to get all your questions answered.

In our workshops, we will help you to:

  • Get the right mindset to be creative in an ambassador marketing setting
  • The best practices on what works in your industry
  • How to strategize using the ambassador canvas
  • How to apply ambassadorship in more than only your marketing department
  • Create a roll-out roadmap (including change management)

Using the Social Seeder canvas we create all strategy elements you need to do your roll-out.


3. You never walk alone…

An ambassador programme always has many stakeholders within a company. Since they will probably be there to insert their goals into your strategy don’t be afraid to ask them to chip in on the effort! One way this could be done by asking them relevant content for you to send out or inviting them to a brainstorm to get a good idea about the needs of their type of ambassadors.


4. Content, content everywhere!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to come up with good content ideas and, of course, not all your content should be about your brand. Below, you can see an overview of different content types that can be of inspiration to add some variety to your content calendar:



Time: no one has it, everybody needs it and it could be one of the main reasons why your ambassador programme is not lifting off. That’s why we offer our expertise to set up campaigns for you or go in depth as a consultant for your strategic roadmap! Contact us at or


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