La start-up belge Social Seeder accélère ces activités en Europe et les Etas-Unis

Vilvorde, le 10 septembre 2019 – Social Seeder, la plateforme de marque employeur de Patrick De Pauw et Dado Van Peteghem, se développe en Europe et pénètre activement le marché américain. «Il est de plus en plus important de trouver des ambassadeurs de qualité et d’en tirer le meilleur parti, non seulement dans le monde des entreprises mais aussi dans celui de la politique», affirme le CEO Patrick De Pauw. En vue de mener à bonne fin cette nouvelle étape de son internationalisation, l’entreprise engage 11 nouveaux profils pour le bureau de Vilvorde.


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Belgische start-up Social Seeder breidt uit naar Europa en wenkt naar de States

Vilvoorde, 10 september 2019 – Social Seeder, het Employer Branding-platform van Patrick De Pauw en Dado Van Peteghem, groeit in Europa en gaat actief de Amerikaanse markt op. “Het belang van het vinden en gebruiken van waardevolle ambassadeurs wordt populairder, bij bedrijven maar ook in de politiek”, vertelt CEO Patrick De Pauw. Om deze verdere internationalisering in goede banen te leiden worden 11 nieuwe profielen aangeworven die zullen werken vanuit het kantoor in Vilvoorde.


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10 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You in the New Year [Infographic]

10 Quotes to Motivate You in the New Year

It’s time to change some habits!

We always say that we are going to get rid of our habits but we never do it. This is because we are not dedicated, motivated or strong-willed. If you want to succeed, think about these inspiring quotes.

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What is the importance of Employer Branding?

The war for talent in the last decade has pushed companies into innovation, constant execution, and a firm trend of reverting back to 1-on-1 care for their employees. Whether you are the McDonalds or Steve’s Small Farm of this world, engaging with your workforce has become an inevitable factor in the quality of life of each employee. Read more

Improve your Employer Branding


If you are a company and you have ANY will to be hiring staff in the future you have to be aware of today’s changing market and what job prospects look at when applying to your openings. In this short article, we give you 3 commonly-overlooked points (and a bonus must-have) that will help you with your employer branding efforts, improve your Employer Branding!

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7 Stunning Employer Branding Facts You Need To Know

Employer Branding

It’s 2019 and another year has started here at Social Seeder! Now more than ever, employer branding in companies is of the utmost importance. The paradigm is shifting, digital transformation is stronger than ever before, and companies are arming themselves with the correct tools to make sure their employer branding is bullet-proof. Below you will find 7 facts on employer branding that you need to be aware of:
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8 Email Ideas to Spice up Your Advocacy Programme

A few weeks ago, we announced the addition of an email feature to our platform to help Social Seeder users centralise all the communications of their ambassador or advocacy programme in a single platform. Read more

Ambassadorship Marketing in HR-Recruitment environments

Digital transformation is everywhere and Social Media is a good weapon of choice. Over time we have seen copywriters turn into full storytellers, graphical creators and now even data analysts. Managers becoming influencers and thought leaders while sales went from cold calling to social selling. And now without mistake, it’s the HR environments turn.

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The Difference Between Brand Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

While they are often used as the same thing, brand loyalty and brand advocacy are not the same. You can have people that are loyal to the brand without advocating it, advocates who are not loyal, or both.

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Recruitment crisis in Belgium! How to find top-talent for your company

Never before there were so many open job offers in Belgium as in the month of January. In total, employers are looking for more than 41.000 new employees, most of the times for technical profiles and leading functions (Source In Dutch).

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