Having people from your organization share your content on their own social media channels is a great way to increase organic traffic, but not everyone is willing to share all of the content you provide. In this post, we’ll take a look at content a company can provide that triggers people to share.

1. Content about people in the organization

Although not everyone likes to admit it, once in a while we do like to brag about ourselves and our friends online. People like to share content that puts them or one of their colleagues in a good light. And it does not always have to be something serious, the content should be engaging, easy and fun.

As an example:

We did a “Funny facts about the Social Seeder team” post recently. It shows a fun fact about everyone in the organization and shows that every person in the organization is unique and sometimes a bit crazy in their own way.

2. The content they are proud of

When your employees achieved something as a team I’m pretty sure they would like to share this with their network. It’s something they are proud of and they like how it reflects on them.

As an example:

Our development team put a lot of effort into creating new features for our platform and came up with two amazing results. They added Xing as a network where ambassadors can share on & a new feature, the email platform that can be used to communicate with your ambassadors.

3. Share real experiences

To share real experiences is basically why social media was invented in the first place, to let people know what is happening to you. For most of us, work is a big part of our lives so it makes sense that you would like to share about this.

As an example:

This does not necessarily have to be a blog post, in fact, it can be a quick social media update like a selfie of an event you are attending, something fun you do as a team or an internal event you are organizing. There are a lot of options.


It’s about bringing a human side to your company and showing something real. People like to see other people.


About Social Seeder

We are an employee advocacy and social media engagement solution that gives your employees and fans a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing your stories across their social networks.

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