House of Weddings recruits its clients as ambassadors and creates a powerful community

House of Weddings

House of Weddings

Client: House of Weddings
Industry: Retail

House of Weddings is the Quality Label collection of the best and most trustworthy Belgian Wedding Vendors. 


What they wanted to accomplish

House of Weddings, Belgium’s online quality label guide of premium wedding vendors, wanted to promote their brand by making use of their strong partner network.

Existing social media channels had proved to be at times expensive and unstable. Looking for a creative and more efficient solution, they decided to launch an ambassador program.

Main goals:

  • Create awareness around the brand on social media.
  • Engage their partner network.
  • Look for a cost-efficient marketing approach, with a high ROI.

What they did

House of Weddings organized an exclusive event for clients and invited all to become ambassadors for their brand.

Their ambassador program was named “Wedding Experts”: they offered their ambassadors ‘expertise’ to share with their followers, so they in return could boost their credibility and expertise

They organised a challenge: every 3 months, House of Weddings rewards the top ambassador with a personalised article on their business.


What they accomplished

  • are per ambassador per campaign.
  • An average of 44 clicks generated per ambassador.

Average of 1 share per ambassador per campaign.

Average of 1 share per ambassador per campaign.

Clients transformed into ambassadors

Clients transformed into ambassadors

Click generated per ambassador per campaign

Click generated per ambassador per campaign

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