Meaningful communication grows stronger engagement

Employee engagement happens more easily when people feel connected. Sharing news, updates, and insight through personal networks gives people a new level of participation and purpose. If you want to create impact across marketing, sales and/or HR, find out how we do it.

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Expand your value & influence through ambassadors

Social Seeder combines a powerful platform with a unique methodology. We help you recruit and engage ambassadors–whether your employees, community members, or fans–with authentic content that can be shared on their social media networks. It’s hassle-free with visible results!

Social Seeder makes you learn and optimize

Learn and optimize

Since every single organization is different, you want a dashboard that accurately reflects your own success and opportunities. Social Seeder can help you identify what messages are relevant, both internally and externally. We offer individual sessions to help you adapt and improve results.

Social Seeder makes it strategic

Make it strategic

Build on successful employee engagement by demonstrating respect for your ambassadors with content that uses the right tone-of-voice and frequency. Our proven methodology helps you build a strong ambassador community that connects with your organizational goals.

Social Seeder sparks interaction

Spark Interaction

Nothing like meaningful content to activate employees and fans. You develop substantive relationships when you give your employees content worth sharing. It’s authentic and more relatable, so generates more trust and interaction. Social Seeder just makes the whole process easy.

Ready to launch a thriving workplace community?

Our eBooks guide you on how to build an ambassador community on- and offline.
Whether you are an HR or marketing professional, we break down the process of kickstarting an ambassador program and include practical insight from our client cases. You can start boosting your communication and influence right away!

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