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Ambassadorship marketing

Ambassador marketing

Boost your marketing strategy with word-of-mouth on steroids.

As social media platforms have looked for ways to monetize, organic reach has become more expensive. At the same time, brands are looking for ways to expand their reach that differs from their competitors. The advantage of ambassador marketing is that it relies on those already close to your brand. By leveraging your ambassadors’ network, you are extending your reach among their trusted circles, a desirable demographic. Here’s better news: you do it for less than what it would cost to purchase ads on social media, too.

Ambassador Marketing Statistics3
Ambassador Marketing Statistics

What is ambassador marketing? 


Ambassadorship is the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. You start by identifying people who have strong affiliations with your organization. Next, you offer them meaningful content to share about your company, like updates, reviews, and referrals. On top of the easy-to-use platform, Social Seeder offers you insight and best practices to nurture your community. They respond in turn by generating content ideas and actively getting the word out about your organization.



Ambassadorship marketing builds trust and credibility

Build trust and credibility

People trust content shared by friends and family on their social profiles more than content shared through companies' brand pages—with up to 8x more engagement. By tapping into the networks of your dedicated fans, you are sharing content about your organization in an authentic and natural way that builds trust and credibility.

Ambassadorship marketing makes more impact

Make more impact

Content shared through your ambassadors means you drive more traffic directly to the URLs you want people to see. Whether you are trying to recruit, sell or even inspire, Social Seeder helps you communicate to get results that are hard to reach through regular brand channels.

Ambassadorship marketing taps into new markets

Tap into new markets

The average social media user connects with more than 400 friends and family. Imagine the potential to reach this extended audience. Ambassador marketing gives you access to new markets from a trusted source.

How Social Seeder can help you
with ambassador marketing

As you can imagine, implementing a successful ambassadorship program doesn't happen overnight. Social Seeder is qualified to help you do it with minimal effort. With 5+ years of experience in launching and scaling ambassadorship, engagement and advocacy programs, we have enabled over 250 organizations around the world to succeed across different industries.

Discover how we can help you in this process:


  • No download required
  • 1-click-and-share platform for your ambassadors to post content
  • You choose the content and its look & feel
  • Track campaigns and learn which messages resonate better
  • Measure ROI by easily tracking URLs
  • See which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor your ambassadors’ efforts: learn who shares, see the number of clicks generated, measure engagement…

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