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Keeping Employees Engaged in a Hybrid Workplace

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused, among others, a temporary remote working situation...
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5 Questions For Your Ambassador Program Survey

A good ambassador program is one that collects and analyses the input of its contributors. But...
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Social Seeder will coach companies in Employer Branding at Employee Engagement Awards

Social Seeder will be mentoring companies in the Employer Branding challenge of the Employee...
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Fastfwd Belgium amplifies digital transformation message with Social Seeder

While many companies understand the importance of digitalisation, not all of them know how to get...
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Choosing the Right Tool for Employee Engagement Surveys

The essence of employee advocacy is leveraging employees' social networks to benefit the company...
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Creating the Right Employee Engagement Survey

Employee advocacy success depends (amongst other things) on the ability to make employees feel...
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How to Measure Employee Engagement

As a company launching an ambassador program or an employee advocacy program, you'll have specific...
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Social Seeder now supports Surveys and Polls

To get a greater understanding of your ambassadors you need to also listen to their input. For us...
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The Cost of Low Employee Engagement

Disengaged or low-engaged employees are those who have somehow lost interest in their job and their...
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