5 Questions For Your Ambassador Program Survey


A good ambassador program is one that collects and analyses the input of its contributors. But simply creating and sending a questionnaire to your ambassadors is not enough. To get meaningful feedback, you need to also ask the right questions. In this article, we will share with you five sample questions you can use in your survey.

Setting up your ambassador survey

For each ambassador campaign that you send through Social Seeder, we provide detailed metrics on your performance and your progress towards your business goals, as well as the conversions that take place through your campaigns. However, to get a greater understanding of your employee ambassadors you need to also listen to any remarks or suggestions for improvement they may have on your program.

Now that you can incorporate surveys and polls in your mail to your ambassadors through our SurveyAnyPlace integration, you may wonder how to structure your survey to your ambassadors. First, you should decide when to send out a questionnaire to your employee advocates or brand ambassadors. Depending on your needs, you may consider launching a survey at the beginning of your program, if/when you notice a drop in the percentage of active ambassadors, or even before you start your program. But what questions should you ask your ambassadors to evaluate your employee advocacy program?

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Sample questions for your survey to your ambassadors

For better results, we recommend a combination of open- and closed ended questions. Here a few example questions to help you set up a survey to your employee ambassadors.

General questions: With these questions, you can get a better grasp of your ambassadors’ motivation and stumbling blocks. These should give you a first indication of what to emphasise when explaining to them why they should join your employee advocacy program.

Sample questions:

1. Why are you an ambassador?

  • To be the first to receive new updates about the company
  • To be more involved within the company
  • I find the feeling of being in a Community appealing
  • I’m proud of my company
  • I want to create Thought Leadership (sales view)
  • To share and show my own work
  • To support my colleagues
  • I find the content interesting
  • To attract new colleagues
  • Because of the incentives that are attached to it
  • Because I’m asked to
  • It’s a small effort

2. Why don't you share?

  • I don't see the advantages of the program
  • I don't know how to share
  • The content in the campaign mail is not persuasive enough
  • I don't think the content is relevant/interesting
  • The content is too repetitive
  • The content is not presented nicely or not attractive enough to share
  • I need more motivation to share

Content questions: consider including questions about the content of your employee advocacy or employee ambassador program. This can help you understand if you need to adjust the content that you ask your ambassadors to share. It’s possible that your ambassadors have their own suggestions on content they would happily share.

Sample questions:

1.What do you think of the content we provide?
Bad – Could be better – Average – Good – Very good – Excellent


2. Do you have any content of your own that could be shared through the ambassador network?


Feedback: This is where your ambassadors can ask questions, or put forward their own ideas about your employee advocacy program. 

Sample question:

Do you have any questions / propositions / remarks about the program?

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How Social Seeder supports and simplifies surveys for your ambassadors

To help you even further, we have created ambassador survey templates. These are accessible through our SurveyAnyPlace integration. For more information, you can contact your Customer Success representative. Not a client yet? Feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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