Ambassador Marketing for B2B Companies


After interviewing the ambassadors of a city in Belgium, we have met the ambassadors of an industrial company to learn more about how to use Ambassador Marketing for B2B companies. Learn why ambassadors do what they do and understand how brand ambassadors can help B2B businesses.

The interviewed ambassadors were, mainly, employees from the support and sales functions and were mainly interested in sharing sales-focused content. This gives us an interesting perspective on opportunities to use ambassador marketing to target prospective clients.

In this post, we share the main findings of the interviews and give you some tips to apply those learnings to your company.


1. It’s important to focus the content on the final audience

According to our research, for these ambassadors, it is not important if the content is relevant to themselves, as long as it is interesting for their clients and prospective clients.

The focus of messages of your ambassador marketing campaigns thus, shouldn’t be the ambassadors themselves, but their network.

2. Segmentation is essential

Like many others, this company sells a wide variety of products. Ambassadors emphasised the necessity and the importance of a proper segmentation, especially keeping their client base in mind. Not all clients are the same and not all of them are interested in the same range of products.

Different departments encounter different sorts of clients that require different content. The purpose of the content should be to address and inform specific types of clients and to acquire new prospects.

3. It’s necessary to keep a consistent frequency to increase awareness

Most of the interviewed ambassadors agreed that the frequency at which they receive content is very low. Additionally, there is no consistency, as sometimes they receive content every month and sometimes not even once a month.

Ambassadors stated that they would feel comfortable with a higher campaign frequency. They suggested receiving new ambassador content monthly or even every two weeks. However, new content on a weekly base was considered as too much.


For me, the frequency can be increased. At the moment, I have the feeling we are not pushed enough to share content.

4. LinkedIn is the number one medium for sales

The ambassadors of this B2B company share corporate content mostly on LinkedIn since they believe this network to be more suitable for business and sales content. Being a B2B, the products they sell are of lesser interest to their personal networks and of more interest to their professional networks. It’s a good tool for the sales team to communicate with clients.

Every employee should have a network of his clients on LinkedIn. Based on this network, they should then actively share content or even send personal messages to clients.

Ambassadors suggested that each employee should be active on LinkedIn and have a network of their specific clients here. Based on this network they should then share content based on their client’s profiles.

LinkedIn is the number one medium for sales

Finally, ambassadors had the feeling they were not really encouraged to share corporate content or to be professionally active on social media and that many employees would be willing to do it if the company would ask them to do so.

5. Ambassadors can really help a B2B increase traffic from social media

Before this company started to run their ambassador program with Social Seeder, website traffic from social media was only 1,5% and it has increased to 11% thanks to their ambassadors. However, the ambassadors were not aware of this and said they would like to gain insight into the results of the campaigns.


Ambassadors can really help a B2B increase traffic from social media


They would like to see the impact of their own shares, as well as the overall impact of the campaigns and they agreed that more awareness of the impact of the ambassador program could really motivate them to keep sharing.

Seeing the effects of our shares contributes to employee engagement. Without this insight, it’s just sharing, sharing, sharing. It’s important to know you actually reach people and the overall impact.


  • The main reason to share content is its relevance the final audience. In this case for the prospective clients.
  • The ideal campaign frequency is once or twice a month.
  • B2B content is mostly shared on LinkedIn.
  • Ambassador Marketing for B2B companies can really make a difference. In this case, the company was able to increase traffic from social media from 2% to 11%.
  • Ambassadors want to know what’s the impact of the ambassador program to keep them motivated.

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