9 Questions for a Successful Brand Ambassador Program


If you are looking to improve your brand’s performance on social media, it’s time to release the power of your brand ambassadors! But before you get started with your brand ambassador program, you have to make sure you tick all the boxes. In this post, we go through 9 questions that you need to answer to create a successful brand ambassador program.

1. What are the goals of your brand ambassador program?

To get started with your brand ambassador program, you need to know where you are going and how are you getting there. Some of the most common goals include:

  • Awareness: Making people aware of the organization and giving them an opportunity to buy
  • Image: Creating a brand image and a personality for your organization
  • Conversion: Compelling people to buy for the first time and to become paying customers
  • Retention: Compelling existing customers to continue buying

Ambassadorship can serve many purposes but the most important is to be specific with your objectives with figures and dates. Whether you want to increase your sales or recruit a new member for the team, be clear about your goals, it’s the best way off to a good start.

2. Who are your brand ambassadors?

Your employees, clients, friends, fans celebrities… A brand ambassador can be basically anyone who is willing to root for your brand.

An easy way to start to identify them is to divide them between internal and external ambassadors:

  • Internal: employees, partners, investors, etc. They belong to the company or they have a direct relationship with it. The trust comes from the first-hand information they can provide about the products, services and projects. They represent the culture and values of your company.
  • External: customers, users, or fans. They don’t belong directly to the organisation but they have contact with it. They have purchased or used the product, enjoyed a service or have seen its impact. The trust normally comes from their own experience as users or purchasers.

3 ways digital word of mouth can help your organisation

3. What type of brand ambassadors do you need?

This depends on your goals. Are you trying to reach a global audience? Then it might be better to go with a celebrity but, unless you are an NGO or social organization, they will probably not do it for free.

If you are looking for day-to-day recommendations and powerful word of mouth, your employees are a great source of ambassadors. Of course, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can always work with different types of ambassadors for the different goals of your campaigns.


Types of Brand Ambassadors


4. Where can you find your brand ambassadors?

Finding and recruiting your brand’s ambassadors might look like a difficult challenge. However, they might be closer to your company than you think.

There are 4 main sources where you can start your search:

  • Employees: The first place where you should look for ambassadors is in your own company. They know everything about the brand and they might be willing to share their experience with the world.
  • Current Customers take a look at your actual clients and identify the ones you know are enthusiastic about your brand. They will be willing to share their positive firsthand experience with your products and spread the favourable opinions.
  • Social Media: your social media channels are full of fans and followers who really like your brand and might be happy to share your messages with their audiences. Look for those who look like your ideal costumers and who have an interesting audience.
  • Online: the web is full of potential ambassadors. Start looking for bloggers in your sector or influencers, but don’t stop there. Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Search for the right keywords and the ambassadors will be easier to find.

Remember that it’s not just about quantity but quality. 100 hardcore ambassadors are better than 100.000 who are not engaged.

5. How can you recruit these brand ambassadors?

Once you have identified your ambassadors, it’s time to recruit them for your ambassador program. Social Seeder can help you easily do this in diverse ways:

  1. Send targeted emails invitation to your supporters and to become your brand ambassadors
  2. Use a Home Base. An ambassador recruitment portal that you can link to your website or include on your marketing campaigns. This way it will be very easy for tour supporters to join the program, and for you to segment them to create the most personalized experience possible.
  3. Use a recruitment box. A simplified version of the Home Base that can be embedded on your website and in some social networks like Facebook.

If you want to learn more about how Social Seeder can help you recruit your ambassadors, request a demo with one of our specialists.

Recruiting your brand ambassadors

6. What should you ask your brand ambassadors?

Only ask for things you would be willing to do. This is a give and take. You can ask them to root for your brand, promote it and share your content, but don’t ask more than what is fair. They probably don’t want to share your content every day and, even if they would, they’d probably end up burning their audience.

You will need to decide which frequency works better with your ambassadors: once, twice a month? Whatever the answer is, always make this very clear from the beginning and don’t be shy to ask them if that frequency works well for them.

7. What should you give your brand ambassadors in return?

A good ambassador program needs to take care of its ambassadors. They share your organization’s content so it’s very advisable to give them something in return.

This can come in many forms:

  • Content exclusivity
  • Feel of community
  • Events
  • Unique offers
  • Rewards

A mix of different types of incentives will help you ensure the quality of your ambassadors’ performance. Everyone likes receive recognition. Ambassadors as well. Try to be creative when planning your incentives. Not all ambassadors are motivated by the same type of incentives.

feeling of community

8. How can you measure the success of your brand ambassador program?

To be sure that your brand ambassador campaigns are working in the right direction it’s important to constantly measure your results and see if they align with the goals you established for your ambassador program.

Some of the main things that you should measure are:

  • How much traffic social media is driving to your website
  • Which social media channels are most effective to help you drive attention to your landing pages
  • Who your best ambassadors are
  • Which types of content are generating more interest, and thus you should focus your budget and resources on going forward

One of the key benefits of using Social Seeder as an ambassador marketing software for your organization is that you can measure the impact of all your ambassador campaigns.

9. How can you strategize and structure your brand ambassador program?

With so many information, it’s sometimes difficult to keep everything in mind. At Social Seeder, we always recommend using our ambassador canvas: a one-page framework where you can gather all the information to structure and strategize a successful ambassador program.


So, what are the main factors of a successful brand ambassador program?

You don't go from nothing to a super successful brand ambassador program. There are a lot of boxes you need to check, as you've learned in this blogpost. Here are some reminders that you have to take into account when setting up

  • Define your goals and know how you will measure the success of the program.
  • Communicate very clearly what you expect from your ambassadors and what you will offer them in return.
  • Don’t ask if you are not willing to give!
  • Never stop working on the emotional connection between your brand and your ambassadors.
  • Try to find ambassadors that reflect your brand values. If you don't know where to start, take a look at one of our previous blogposts.
  • Maintain regular communication with your ambassadors but be careful not to create “brand fatigue”.
  • Give ambassadors the opportunity to interact with each other. This will help you create a more powerful community.
  • Make everything as easy as possible. For example, if you ask them to share content, provide them with everything they need so that they can do it in a few clicks.


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