What are Brand Ambassadors and Where to Find Them


Brand ambassadors can help you stand out from you competitors and drive business to your organisation. In this blogpost, we explain you what are brand ambassadors and where to find them.

The Social Media Challenge

It’s nothing new that organic reach on major social networks has declined significantly. Between January and July 2016, publishers saw a 52% decline in organic reach on Facebook.

There is no such thing as a social feed anymore. When you log onto Facebook or Twitter, you don’t see the most recent content. You see a stream of content served to you by an algorithm. An Algorithm that gives preference to users ‘content over companies’.

If you want to overcome this challenge, there are three main things that you can do:

The third option, asking your brand ambassadors to share your content, is probably the most effective one. It will allow you not only to outsmart the algorithms, but to increase your reach enormously and improve the impact of your content. Information shared by your ambassadors will most likely be seen as more trustworthy and, hence, increase the engagement.

What are brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is a person who represents your brand or product because they feel an authentic bond with it and wish to spread the word about it.

There are many reasons to include your brand ambassadors in the general marketing strategy of your company:

  • 74% of the users would trust word of mouth referral for a purchase (this grows up to 91% on the B2B scenario)
  • People are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if it has been referred to them by someone close than by any other means.
  • Buyers have a stronger bond with a brand if their friends and acquaintances share it.
  • The lifetime value of referred clients is 16% higher.
  • Customers are 4 times more likely to buy through word of mouth.

Source: Ogilvy Cannes Study

Ambassador marketing means creating a personal bond with your brand ambassadors, out of honesty, authenticity, trust, and inspiration. It is the word of mouth taken to the next level on the actual social media situation.

Where to find brand ambassadors?

There are two general types of ambassadors that you might want to consider when searching for your brand ambassadors:

  • Internal: employees, partners, investors, etc. They belong to the company or they have a direct relationship with it. The trust comes from the first-hand information they can provide about the products, services, and projects. They represent the culture and values of the company.
  • External: customers, users, fans, etc. They don’t belong directly to the organisation but they have direct contact with it. They have purchased or used the product, enjoyed a service or seen its impact.

Additionally, you can also to hire paid ambassadors such as bloggers, influencers or celebrities. This type of ambassadors normally has a very big audience of followers and their trust comes from their celebrity status.

Types of Brand Ambassadors

The type of ambassadors you need depends on your goals. For example, if you are trying to reach a global audience, it might be better to go with a celebrity. However, unless you are an NGO or social organization, it will be quite costly.

If you are looking for day-to-day recommendations and powerful word of mouth, your employees, fans, partners or clients are a great source of ambassadors. Of course, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can always work with different types of ambassadors for the different goals of your campaigns and create the mix of ambassadors that suits you best.

Once you know what kind of ambassadors you are looking for, there are many sources where you can start your search for them. The most common ones are your employees and client database, your social media channels, the web.

Your Employees:

The first place where you should look for ambassadors is in your own company. They know everything about the brand and they are probably willing to share their experience with the world. If they feel involved with the company they will be happy to ask other people to get involved as well.

Customers Database:

Take a look at your actual clients and identify the ones you know are enthusiastic about your brand. They will be willing to share their positive first-hand experience with your products and spread the favourable opinions.

Social Media Channels:

Your social media channels are full of fans and followers who really like your brand and might be happy to share your messages with their audiences.

100 hardcore fans are better than 100.000 who are not engaged.

Look for those who look like your ideal customers and who have an interesting audience. Remember that it’s not just about quantity but quality of followers. 100 hardcore fans are better than 100.000 who are not engaged.

The web:

The web is full of potential ambassadors. Start looking for bloggers on your sector or influencers, but don’t stop there. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Search for the right keywords and the ambassadors will be easier to find.

Your brand ambassadors might be closer to your company than you think. Start to identify and recruit them from today with Social Seeder.


  • A brand ambassador is a person who represents your brand or product because she feels an authentic bond with it
  • Ambassador marketing means creating a personal bond with your brand ambassadors, out of honesty, authenticity, trust, and inspiration.
  • There are different types of ambassadors. You need to choose the ambassador mix that aligns better with your goals.
  • The best sources to start to look for ambassadors are your employee and client databases, your social media channels and the web.

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