How to Get the Most Out of Events Through Employee Advocacy.


In order the fully maximise the ROI of your upcoming events or conferences you can’t strictly rely on paid advertising and email campaigns as the only promotional methods. It’s worth considering an employee advocacy programme and here’s why.

1. Attracting the right audience.

So, you’ve booked your venue, created the agenda, booked your keynote speakers and all your marketing resources are ready to go. Now you just have to find the right crowd for your event. This is where employee advocacy can become the most effective promotional strategy for driving registration.

One of the most important parts of an advocacy programme is that every advocate is an advocate because they want to be. They will spread content on a voluntary basis and this makes them the most authentic and trustworthy voice your company has.

Not only are your employees trustworthy, they can also provide you with a big network you can tap into. What makes them a powerful voice to build awareness.

An employees network is often filled with many different profiles: Industry leaders, influencers, decision-makers and many more from diverse industries and countries. Therefore, getting employees to promote your event enables you to attract a relevant audience of people for your event.

get the most out of events through employee advocacy

2. Creating more buzz through your army of advocates

To create some online buzz for your events, employee advocacy can be of a big assistance by creating hype around the different event elements. And to promote your message even more here are some quick tips of what you can do to keep things interesting.

Create a custom Hashtag

If you create a short catchy hashtag that your employees can use in every post they share the payoff will be huge. You create awareness for your event and you have a potential reach of thousands of people.

Promote keynote speakers

If you invited some guest speakers who are thought leaders on a certain subject, make it easy for your employees to promote their session. People in their network might not be interested in everything your event has to offer. But it could be that there is a speaker they really wanted to see for a long time that could convince them to attend your event.

create more buzz for your even through your employee advocates

3. Track all the data.

This is a step for after your event and what that can’t be skipped. According to your gut feeling, you had some amazing advocates promoting your event, but you should always check the data to be sure.

Before diving into the numbers you must first define what would be considered as 'success.’ Consider the following question when evaluating the contribution of your employees:

• How much visibility and awareness did we create through our advocacy programme?
• How many attendees did the advocates generate?
• How much time did we spend on the programme?
• …

Data never lies and is full of new learnings. If you track the correct data you will know where you have to put your efforts next time when promoting your event. And what content worked best for your army of advocates.

track all the data


To get the most out of your events you should consider investing time in promotion through your employees. It’s an easy way to attract the right audience and create buzz and awareness.


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