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Pros and Cons of gamifying Employee Engagement

What is gamification? Gamification adds game elements to non-game activities. The idea behind it is...
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Employee Engagement Activities to try this Month

Engaged employees have a high level of commitment to their work. They are more productive, perform...
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What to look for in an Employee Engagement Platform

There are several reasons an organization would opt to invest time and effort in an employee...
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5 Signs of Low Engagement Among The Workforce

There is a clear relationship between employee engagement and business performance. Engaged...
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What is Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement? Simply put, employee engagement refers to the extent to which the...
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Why every Employee is a Recruiter and Marketer

Social Seeder recently organised a webinar entitled “Every employee is a recruiter and marketer”....
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Employer Branding Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Why do employer branding statistics matter? Nowadays, a strong employer brand has become a...
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What are Brand Ambassadors and Where to Find Them

Brand ambassadors can help you stand out from you competitors and drive business to your...
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6 Ways to be an Authentic Brand on Social Media

Employee advocacy is a powerful way to spread your brand message and promote your employer brand in...
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