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Employer Branding Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Why do employer branding statistics matter? Nowadays, a strong employer brand has become a...

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What are Brand Ambassadors and Where to Find Them

Brand ambassadors can help you stand out from you competitors and drive business to your...

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6 ways to be an authentic brand on social media

Employee advocacy is a powerful way to spread your brand message and promote your employer brand in...

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Take your data one step further - 'Conversion Tracker'

In the current connected world, data and data analysis have become of big importance to every...

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Using the power of employee advocacy to boost your social selling

The constant evolving landscape of social media gives sales representatives a new way of doing...

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The importance of employer branding

Employer branding is important. That would have been the shortest article ever, but the point would...

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The hierarchy of needs applied on ambassador marketing

In bizarre times like this you go back to the essentials. Or how Abraham Maslow would describe it:...

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What is Employee Advocacy and How to Implement it at Your Organisation

If you are looking for a way to implement an employee advocacy program at your organisation you...

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How to get Employees to Care About Your Employee Advocacy Programme

The most common challenge organisations face when rolling out their advocacy programmes is the...

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