Social Seeder will coach companies in Employer Branding at Employee Engagement Awards


Social Seeder will be mentoring companies in the Employer Branding challenge of the Employee Engagement Awards in Belgium and Dubai.

The purpose of the Employee Engagement Awards, a format owned by Herculean Alliance, is to measure employee engagement in real life. For this reason, the concept includes the different challenges with coaches guiding the participating companies to involve their people and teams. Participating companies will work on their case with their team and will be given access to an engagement platform with 5 diverse hybrid challenges.
Patrick De Pauw, Social Seeder CEO, will help companies navigate through the Employer Branding challenge.

“A company is not just the product or service that make a company attractive, it’s the whole package. It has its own culture, its own vision, co-workers… This is where Employer Branding comes into the picture. Young people choose to work for a company they love, so companies need to stand out from the crowd as an attractive employer.” Says Patrick De Pauw.

Watch Patrick’s short interview with Yves Vekemans, Founder of Herculean Alliance:


Find out more about Social Seeder’s participation in the Employee Engagement Awards.

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