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Ambassadorship Marketing in HR-Recruitment environments

Ambassadorship Marketing in HR-Recruitment environments

Digital transformation is everywhere and Social Media is a good weapon of choice. Over time we have seen copywriters turn into full storytellers, graphical creators and now even data analysts. Managers becoming influencers and thought leaders while sales went from cold calling to social selling. And now without mistake, it’s the HR environments turn. How to implement ambassador marketing in HR recruitment?

HR is the facilitator of the conversation between the employee and the brand, but not too long ago this used to be only a one-way conversation. Since customer centricity quickly extended to employee centricity, employer branding became much more important since they have the great power to create impact.


Roles of HR within an ambassador program

HR helps with company branding on Social: We think it’s important that HR has the right knowledge and training around social media activities to be able to stay in control over the brand name. But also the other way around, HR should facilitate social media training to their employees to become better advocates

Communication: Social can also be an awesome place to inform all your employees at the same time even in a global setting. Employee Facebook groups, What’s App for business or even Slack are all too common right now.

Social Policies: Sharing your passion as an employee is fun. But since you are acting on behalf of your company a few guidelines are needed. Of course, you don’t want to take away their social freedom, but things like racism, drugs should be a no-go in any social context.

What impact can ambassadors create for your HR?

The social network of an ambassador is more than likely an extent of his personal self. This means this network will share the same interest on a few levels and can easily be leveraged for recruiting by example. Check out here on how Dataflow recruited 2 HR profiles for their business using Social Seeder

Impact in numbers:

  • 52% of people asked to share recruitment content in their network did so
  • Facebook is the platform that creates the most impact (50% more than avg) for the HR industry
  • Twitter is the lesser performing platform (performing 50% less than avg)
  • An average ambassador that posts HR content gets 15 clicks
  • People find job posts from their network more trustworthy hence the conversion to apply is higher
  • HR is the best performing


Within employer branding and there for ambassadorship, there are many stakeholders and HR is definitely one of them. It enables the industry to inform and engage in a way that wasn’t possible before. A good strategy is to keep your ear close to the voice of your ambassadors since they are your key to success. When done correctly, the learnings you will generate enable you to take your company culture to the next level!

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