Take your data one step further - 'Conversion Tracker'

In the current connected world, data and data analysis have become of big importance to every organization's strategy. Which is very logical, because data shows you the return of all your efforts.

Track data beyond the click.

That is why we're taking it one step further. Most employee advocacy platforms will provide you with data about how many times the content was shared and how many people clicked on the link. There is no possible way to see beyond that specific click.

That is why our development team created the 'Conversion Tracker'. Because of the 'Conversion Tracker'. We can take things one step further and measure if the goal of the campaign has been achieved and which ambassadors contributed to this goal.

In short, the 'Conversion Tracker' will provide a full start to end report of your campaign. These reports are critical to optimize the campaign content, group ambassadors and identify the appropriate time for launches.

The 'Conversion Tracker' in a few simple steps.

When the traditional tracking ends the 'Conversion Tracker' kicks in and here is how:

  1. An ambassador shares your campaign on a social media platform.

  2. Someone in their network views the post and clicks on the link.
    - This is where the normal tracking would stop - 

  3. The 'Conversion Tracker' starts working and tracks the actions of the person that clicked on the link.

  4. The person visits the landing page and starts browsing.

  5. The person acts on the page which can be defined as a conversion. For example, this can be a purchase or a donation.

  6. The 'Conversion Tracker' will identify this activity and record the conversion.

conversion tracker

Why is it important to track conversions?

  1. Optimize your efforts.
    There is no point in shooting multiple aimless arrows. Know what you’re aiming for and check if you’ve hit the target. You’ve missed? Optimize and shoot again.

  2. Improve for the future.

    This goes hand in hand with step one and is one of the best things about collecting data. You’re able to optimize and create a more bulletproof plan for future campaigns.

  3. Build on the data.

    In a nutshell conversion tracking is multiple bricks of data to build up on. It’s great to track beyond your campaigns, learn from it and update for the future.

  4. ...


In the end everybody benefits from successful campaigns. Because of the ‘Conversion Tracker’ companies will be able to identify their most influential ambassadors and the best social media platforms

Get more data from your campaigns, learn even more and create lasting impact.


CTA Conversion Tracker


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