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The first edition of the Belgian Employee Engagement Awards

We are proud partners of the Employee Engagement Awards that will take place on September 17th 2020 in Mechelen. You can be actively part of this by submitting a case and/or join us for this spectacular event. 

On Thursday September 17th, 2020, Herculean Alliance and Social Seeder, together with other partners like ZigZagHR, Branded.Careers, Nespresso, Microsoft, Made with Love, Tobania and Duval Onion will organize the Employee Engagement Awards for the first time.

The idea behind the Employee Engagement Awards

Like Herculean Alliance, the initiator of the Employee Engagement Awards, we believe that the HR landscape should reinvent themselves. More companies deserve the opportunity to share their exceptional employee engagement stories. The sudden Corona crisis gave the awards an extra dimension since the engagement -also of remote co-workers- is more important than ever. We want to use the awards as a forum where companies can turn to best practices for employee engagement. 

Employee Engagement Awards - Social Seeder

Call for cases

Any company can participate, regardless of the size or level of involvement. We are mainly looking for authentic stories from the belly of the organization, in which commitment and progress can be demonstrated. Cases in which resilience is shown in times of crisis. 

We can’t emphasize enough to actively be part of this by submitting your case. It’s the perfect way for you to show your appreciation towards your employees. As they are still doing their best day in day out during these bizarre circumstances. 

Besides that, it’s an awesome opportunity to showcase your expertise with many other relevant companies, organizations and interested individuals. In terms of employer branding it doesn’t get any better than this. Imagine that you win an award! 

Probably obvious but submitting a case is completely free. 

Meet the Jury

In order to win an award you’ll have to convince the jury - all experts - so let’s meet them via this rapid fire Q&A.

The jury consists of 12 experts:

Practical information about the Employee Engagement Awards

Now you know the judges it’s time to prepare your use case for submission and/or get your ticket for this spectacular event. But before we do, we want to give you some practical info.

Employee Engagement Awards

Donderdag 17 september  

19.00 - 23.00  

Provinciaal Domein De Nekker - Hercules Village

Nekkerspoel-Borcht 19

2800 Mechelen


Stay informed about the Employee Engagement Awards by becoming an ambassador.

Ps. You don’t want to become an ambassador? That’s alright, simply join the event by buying your ticket.  

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