Employee Experience - 5 Tips To Do It Better

Employee Experience: 5 Tips To Do It Better

Monetary compensation is not enough. Not if you want to attract and to retain top talent within your organization. Organizations should provide their employees with the full employee experience. And your employees desire meaningful day-to-day work and the ability to be part of the bigger picture too.

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Your first priority as an employer is to make sure your employee experience is engaging and fulfilling. Here are some tips to enhance your employee experience at your organization:

Take note from your employees

With the rise of social media, your online brand reputation has never been more important. Your employees can take their experiences with them into the digital world. Review sites like Glassdoor can help boost your organizations reputation, but it can also harm it. All it takes are a few bad reviews from your employees to damage your employer branding.

That is why many companies invest heavily in their employer branding. Surveys have shown that employees who are more socially engaged with their employer's brand are more optimistic about the future. In addition, they also believe that their company is more competitive than others. This, in turn, results in happier and more productive employees.

Happy Employees working together

In order to improve their employee engagement, many organizations have invested in employee engagement tools. This way, they can monitor the impact of their online campaigns and the wellbeing of their employees.

Invest in employee wellness

One of the major components of a positive employee experience is work-life balance. Data collected by RescueTime indicates only 74 percent of work is done during normal working hours. As a result, employees are taking more than a quarter of their work at home!

A negative work-life balance can have a negative impact for your employee. They are less productive, less engaged and can even suffer from depression as a result! It is therefore important to mitigate these negative effects. By providing the right training and to double down on creating a supportive company culture, for example.

Improve internal communication

Internal communication is often associated with spreading information within your company. But internal communication strategies serve a greater purpose. They help to centre your employees around important business goals. And besides that, it is also a great way to develop a cohesive company culture.

Within this proces, digital messaging tools become critical to maintain steady communication across an entire organization. If your organization can communicate with a clear message, it can help to engage employees.

Employee Communication Tools

Improving your communication is all about relevant content. We all know that there isn't a thing like a 'one size fits all' type of content. Therefore, delivering the right content to the right person is super important. Many communication tools, like Social Seeder allow you to segment your employees. This way, you can improve engagement within different employee segments.

Embrace change

John Maxwell, author and speaker on leadership, once said that "change is inevitable; growth is optional". And he's totally right!

Change is a daily part of business. But embracing change is what separates good businesses from great ones. You can do this by involving your employees in a brainstorm. This is a great way to improve overall engagement levels, especially when you include employees from different organizational departments.

Business leaders always look to optimize the internal processes of their business. This process is called 'continuous improvement'.  Continuous improvement can come from anywhere within your organization. Crowdsourcing feedback and innovative ideas from your employees will not only engage them, but it'll empower them to make a positive impact in your business.

Employee strategizing

Watch your people grow or watch them go

Sometimes your best employee may not be destined to stay at your company. However, the lack of professional development at work can cause your employees to leave the company. To this day, this is one of the main reasons why employees decide to switch employers.

In order to retain your top employees, you'll need to invest in your people or understand that they will be seeking growth opportunities in another organization. In order to do so, you can set up a framework for mentorship, sponsor travel to conferences or professional coursework.

To keep track of your employee's job satisfaction, it is important to have frequent and honest conversations with your employees about their career progression. This way, you can take action when your employee isn't happy in their current role.

To sum it up...

The employee experience is a nuanced concept, influenced by many factors. Today's business leaders are investing significant time and resources into understanding and improving the employee experience. Your business can join them by involving your employees and leveraging technology to facilitate the proces.

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