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The importance of employer branding

Employer branding is important. That would have been the shortest article ever, but the point would have been made, right? However it wouldn’t answer ... - read more

The first edition of the Belgian Employee Engagement Awards

We are proud partners of the Employee Engagement Awards that will take place on September 17th 2020 in Mechelen. You can be actively part of this by ... - read more

The hierarchy of needs applied on ambassador marketing

In bizarre times like this you go back to the essentials. Or how Abraham Maslow would describe it: the physiological needs. Maybe that’s why there ... - read more

Social media isn’t for marketing only

Social Media and HR. Unfortunately there are still HR professionals who don’t believe social media are here to stay. Or that they can’t benefit from ... - read more

State of the Union of Human Resources

We wrote a State of the Union of Human Resources. Not because we have presidential ambitions but because we feel obliged to do so. It’s time for ... - read more

What are Brand Ambassadors and Where to Find Them

Brand ambassadors can help you stand out from you competitors and drive business to your organisation. In this blogpost, we explain you what are ... - read more

What is Employee Advocacy and How to Implement it at Your Organisation

If you are looking for a way to implement an employee advocacy program at your organisation you have come to the right place. In this post, we have ... - read more

5 reasons B2B companies should use social media for their business.

Let's face it, social media are the forefront of new business and especially for B2B businesses.  During the past few years, a lot of B2C companies ... - read more