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How to Boost Your Brand on Social Media

Creating a strong company brand on social media can be tricky. Social media is a great way create brand awareness, to create a customer community, ... - read more

Why Your Company Should Move To Ambassador Marketing

Traditional marketing is dead, long live ambassador marketing! Okay, maybe it's not that simple. However, a lot of companies are realising that ... - read more

Employer Branding Statistics You Need to Know

Why do employer branding statistics matter? Nowadays, a strong employer brand has become a must-have for companies. Whether it is your goal to raise ... - read more

Employee Experience: 5 Tips To Do It Better

Monetary compensation is not enough. Not if you want to attract and to retain top talent within your organization. Organizations should provide their ... - read more

The Importance of Brand Storytelling

The importance of brand storytelling has increased over the years and this is not surprising at all. A good story makes your brand more personal, ... - read more

The importance of employee experience

Lately we get a lot of questions about the importance of employer branding within companies. You might have heard it on the news or radio. Well let ... - read more

7 Stunning Employer Branding Facts You Need To Know

It's 2019 and another year has started here at Social Seeder! Now more than ever, employer branding in companies is of the utmost importance. The ... - read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Own Events Through Employee Advocacy.

In order the fully maximise the ROI of your upcoming events or conferences you can’t strictly rely on paid advertising and email campaigns as the ... - read more