Employee Advocacy

Authentic promotion through word of mouth

Employee advocacy is often defined as the promotion of an organisation by its staff members. This promotion can be done in many ways but nowadays the most common channel is social media. In reality, it has many tangible benefits for organizations that embed it into their culture. Employee advocacy will not only make your company more profitable. It will also attract the right future employees to your organisation. It can be used in an effective way for both small businesses and large corporations. See how our clients developed their employee advocacy programs:

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Employee advocacy within the Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is the number one Human Resources service provider in the world. They are the...
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#ProudToBeOrange and Social Seeder

Orange Belgium started with Social Seeder to boost sales and social selling. But, recently expanded...
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Rode Kruis drives awareness to urgent blood donation through Social Seeder

Rode Kruis started working with Social Seeder in 2016 to release the power of employee advocacy....
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eBook: How to leverage relevance to build an online audience?

eBook: How to leverage relevance to build an online audience?

Marketers know that social media plays an important role to get visitors to their website. Preferably their targeted audience. So, how do you ..... read more

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