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Turn your employees into ambassadors with employee advocacy

Turn your employees into ambassadors

Optimise the interaction between you, your co-workers and their social network

In a world driven by digital and social media, employee advocacy has become essential. Companies start to realize -more than ever- that their employees are its most valuable assets. Happy employees leads to company growth, retention, and a strong company culture. That’s why more and more companies are looking for ways to socially engage their workforce. 

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What is employee advocacy? 

Employee advocacy is the promotion of a brand by its employees. With this strategy companies support their engaged employees to become brand ambassadors. Employee advocacy helps organizations to increase their reach through the social networks of their employees. On the other side, employees feel more connected to the company. So it’s a win-win situation. 

Employee advocacy supercharges your social media reach

Supercharge your social media reach.

With organic reach dropping every year, employee advocacy helps companies to upgrade their organic reach. Since your employees have up to 10 times a bigger network than company pages and up to 8 time more engagement on shared content, employee advocacy is the way to go.

Employee advocacy increases your trust factor

Increase your trust factor.

Studies have shown that audiences trust employees more than CEOs, well-known personalities, elected officials, and celebrities. 72% of your audience trusts social media content shared by their friends and family. Build trust and credibility by tapping into the networks of your employees.

Employee advocacy get you more leads and better talent

More leads and better talent.

Studies have shown that socially engaged companies drive real business outcomes. They are up to 58% more likely to get increased sales leads, 58% more likely to attract top talent and 40% more likely to be perceived as competitive.

Employee advocacy boosts employee engagement

Boost employee engagement.

By connecting with your workforce you give your employees the ability to better understand the company vision, you encourage collaboration and connections within the company. In the end, your employees become more engaged with your company.

How social seeder can help you to implement employee advocacy

As you can imagine, rolling out an employee advocacy program won't bring you overnight success. Luckily we have over 5+ years of expertise in launching and scaling employee advocacy for 250+ organizations.

Discover how Social Seeder can help you in this process:


  • 1-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your employees to share content
  • You stay in charge of the look & feel of the content
  • Track campaigns and learn which content performs better
  • Measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor the efforts of your employees: who is sharing, how many engagements and clicks is this generating, ...

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