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Our 250+ customers worldwide are in different industries, ranging from SMEs to big corporates all with a different approach. They do, however, have one thing in common: they all want to build communities of ambassadors. Read their stories and join our roster of happy clients.

Ambassador Readiness Test by Social Seeder

Ambassador Readiness Test by Social Seeder

Is your organization ready to implement an employee advocacy program? Take our Ambassador Readiness Test (in Beta) to find out your level of preparedness before you invest in developing a brand ambassador program... read more

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Romande Energie triples its brand ambassadors with Social Seeder

Romande Energie, the first electricity supplier in the French speaking part of Switzerland and a...
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#ProudToBeOrange and Social Seeder

Orange Belgium started with Social Seeder to boost sales and social selling. But, recently expanded...
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ING Belgium increases employee involvement with corporate content

ING Belgium started working with Social Seeder to release the power of employee advocacy. The...
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Destiny creates an ambassador community to boost their brand

Destiny started working with Social Seeder in 2017 to create a community of ambassadors to boost...
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