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Amplify your employer brand with employee advocacy

Employer branding

And how employee advocacy can amplify your employer brand. 

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, attracting and retaining the right kind of talent is central to a company's ability to grow. One of the most important factors for brands, to convince talent, is a strong employer brand. 

On this page, we teach you about employer branding, and how you can build a strong employer brand through employee advocacy.

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What is employer branding? 


Many organizations define employer branding and are solely focusing on the recruitment process. Although they aren’t wrong, we believe that employer branding is more than just recruiting new employees.

We define employer branding as the way your organization stands out of the crowd as an employer. It is basically the way your organization is perceived by and marketed towards (future) employees.

Building an employer brand is not an overnight job. It is a long-term process and it all starts from within: your employees. That's when employee advocacy comes to play.

How can employee advocacy help me build an employer brand? 

The best employer branding comes from within your organization: your employees. We often hear a lot of leaders tell: your employees are your brand. The way you position yourself towards them is equally important as attracting new employees.

With employee advocacy, you are activating your employees to spread the love. In this way, you tap into the potential of reaching prospective talent through their social media channels, and while doing so you build an authentic and credible employer brand

Employer Branding creates trust

Create trust.

Candidates trust employees' messages 300% more than your company content. Employees reflect the true nature of your business.

Employer branding taps into new hiring pools

Tap into new hiring pools.

The social networks of your employees are up to 10 times bigger than your corporate pages, and they are filled with prospective talent.

Employer branding speeds up the hiring process

Speed up the hiring process.

Research has found that companies that have a strong employer brand see faster speeds when recruiting.

How Social Seeder can help you
build a strong employer brand

Implementing a successful employer brand doesn't happen overnight. With our platform as facilitator, we can help you with analyzing your company's needs and define an effective strategy, launch your employee advocacy program, and make sure it succeeds.

Discover how Social Seeder can help you in this process:


  • 1-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your employees to share content
  • You stay in charge of the look & feel of the content
  • Track campaigns and learn which content performs better
  • Measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor the efforts of your employees: who is sharing, how many engagements and clicks is this generating, ...

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