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We organize workshops, breakfast sessions, online demos, and webinars on a regular basis. This allows you to get started with building a community of ambassadors on your own as soon as possible. Browse through our events and sign up!

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Live Webinar - Every employee is a recruiter and a marketer

Looking for a way for your company to stand out? The numbers prove it: engaged employees are your company’s most effective brand ambassadors. That’s ... - read more

Live Webinar - How to double your engaged workforce?

The contradiction between Employer Branding and Employee Engagement sounds ridiculous at first. However, if your company doesn’t have an EVP, then ... - read more

Live Webinar - Remote Working & Employee Engagement

Thanks to covid-19 we became all experts in remote working. Are you an expert in engaging your remote workers too? Let’s face it, 2020 has been a ... - read more

Live Webinar - Thought Leadership leads to Social Selling

Being a thought leader means you are recognized as the expert within a certain field. And this means business. But doing business has been difficult ... - read more

Live Webinar - How to create a highly effective organisation through employee engagement?

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for years. But now when everybody is, due to covid-19, working remotely employee engagement is more ... - read more

Weekly Online Demo - Do you want to build a community of ambassadors?

Trying to build an engaged community of your employees and fans but you’re already getting lost at the start? Or, you do know where to start and you ... - read more