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Live Webinar - Every employee is a recruiter and a marketer

Looking for a way for your company to stand out? The numbers prove it: engaged employees are your company’s most effective brand ambassadors. That’s because the public trusts content shared by friends and family more than content from CEOs, elected officials, online personalities, or celebrities.

What will this webinar teach you?

Join our webinar on 23 March, at 14.00 CET, with Patrick De Pauw and Bram Huyghe, and we'll show you:

  • Why creating an environment of active listening and sharing is key to building a strong company culture.
  • How to increase your social reach through your engaged employees, and why this will make your brand more authentic.
  • How empowering employees to promote your employer brand will give you a clear edge in the war for talent.


Employee Engagement Event Employer Branding

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