Live Webinar - The Highly effectiveness of Employee Engagement

Live Webinar - How to create a highly effective organisation through employee engagement?

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for years. But now when everybody is, due to covid-19, working remotely employee engagement is more important than ever. How do you engage your (remote) workers in times of crisis? And how do you do this effectively? Why NOW the right time to start or scale your employee engagement program? These questions will be answered in our next live webinar on April 22th at 10 AM. Do you join us?

What else will this webinar teach you?

In this webinar you'll get:

  • An overview of the evolving landscape of social media.
  • A new view on how you can generate business.
  • A reason to use ambassadors and their social networks.
  • A lot of real examples from other companies with similar stories.

Besides that you'll learn:

  • that the speed of change impacts your business.
  • that the power of word to mouth is a form of ambassadorship.
  • how to set up a successful ambassador program.
  • how to use the proven ambassador framework.

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