How to successfully kick-start your employee advocacy program?

Workshop: How to successfully kick-start your employee advocacy program?

Employees are the engine of every successful company. They know that happy employees lead to company growth, higher retention numbers, and strong company culture. That’s why more and more companies are looking for ways to socially engage their workforce. And I bet you are one of them.

But do you have an employee advocacy program?

  • Wouldn't it be really nice if your employees were more than just employees?
  • If they tell the world about how awesome your company is to work?
  • Or how proud they are to share new updates about your company?

That's what employee advocacy is all about.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is a way to turn your employees into ambassadors who spread your company's message across their (social) network. Many companies have started their own employee advocacy program, but only a few are succeeding.

A proven recipe for an employee advocacy program

That’s why we have created an employee advocacy methodology. This methodology has been tried and tested by more than 250 businesses from all over the globe (L'Oreal, Brussels Airport, Unicef, ...). Our goal is to help you achieve greatness with your employee advocacy program and to turn your employees into true ambassadors.

What will you learn?

In this workshop, we go through the definition of employee advocacy and how our methodology creates a real company community that has an everlasting impact.

The results are astonishing:

  • You’ll supercharge your social media reach.
  • You’ll increase your trust factor.
  • You’ll get more leads and better talent.
  • You’ll boost employee engagement.

Don’t believe us on our word

"I participated in Social Seeder's workshop on employee advocacy and it exceeded my expectations. It was truly inspiring to discover the impact of engaged employees on so many domains of business. I really appreciated the deep-dive in the setup of an employee advocacy program as well. This made the theory very tangible and understandable. Therefore I would highly recommend others working in all functional domains of a business to join one of the next sessions and learn how to leverage the biggest asset of so many firms, the human capital." - Baptiste Bovyn (Strategy Consultant at PWC)

Do we see you there?

Learn about employee advocacy and how to successfully kick-start it with your company! Reserve your seat for one of the free workshops. We'll serve fresh coffee and something that goes along with that.

To guarantee the right interaction we only allow 20 people per workshop and kindly request to register only one person per company.

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