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Setting up an employee engagement program might seem daunting. With Social Seeder it doesn’t have to be. We listen to what you hope to accomplish and help you determine actionable goals based on your industry. Thanks to our experience and customer-centric approach, we are able to steer you into realistic ambassador opportunities tailored to your company.


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"Engaged employees are the cornerstone of every single organization. Too often too few co-workers are truly engaged. Through Social Seeder our customers boost the amount of engagement thus creating happy employees. Happy employees create happy customers because your ambassadors are your social media's most powerful spokespeople and the main drivers behind your company’s online conversation."

Patrick de Pauw

Founder & CEO

Social Seeder gives you strategic advice

Next, we offer strategic advice

A thriving employee engagement program starts with a plan. In the first workshop, you will create an in-depth Ambassador Canvas to guide you throughout the program. We also define and finetune a strategy to activate your ambassador community. Benchmarking your results towards your industry gives strategic, valuable insights on your overall performance, but also about your relevancy (internal and external), your engagement and even the social media savviness of your co-workers.

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It’s easy to get started—no downloads needed! Recruit ambassadors with a short and simple email. Once they join, you notify them about interesting content and with a single click they share on their chosen social networks. Our dashboard let’s you follow the campaign’s performance which gives you valuable insight as to how well you are communicating. Start learning what drives engagement inside and outside your ambassador community and adapt your message to continuously improve your relevance.

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