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Supercharge your social media marketing

Social media marketing

And how you can supercharge your social media marketing with employee advocacy.

Social media plays a huge role in overall company growth. But building brand awareness, connect with audiences, and sell products and services is often a fruitless endeavor for many brands. Social media platforms are overcrowded, and social media algorithms are prioritizing customers’ posts over company posts. That’s when employee advocacy comes to play. On this page you learn all about social media marketing and how employee advocacy can boost your initiatives.

Social media marketing statistics2
Social media marketing statistics3
Social media marketing statistics

What is social media marketing? 


Social media marketing is about using social media platforms as a company, to connect with their audiences with the goal to build brand awareness, engage their community, drive website traffic, and generate sales. Social media marketing is more than only posting stuff on those platforms, it is also about listening and engaging with your followers and analyzing the results of your efforts.

The best known social media platforms at the moment are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, …

Social media marketing has evolved in the last couple of years. Where companies used to see social media as a “free exposure tool”, a lot of organizations now are using social media in a more structured and strategic way to help to chase company goals.

 Since the algorithms of social media platforms are evolving all the time, it has become more difficult for marketers to successful execute on social media marketing. That’s why a lot of companies have been exploring the path of employee advocacy.

Boost your social media with employee advocacy 

Your employees have up to 10 times more followers of your company's social pages and get 8 times more engagement on posts. Have you been thinking about implementing employee advocacy to boost your social media strategy?

Studies show that even if only 3% of your workforce should start resharing your company updates, they would be responsible for a 32% increase in the engagement rate of that content. 

Can you imagine what impact you could make if you could motivate 25% or more of your employees to share? 

Many companies know about advocacy, few give it the strategic priority it demands. Create your army of social employees to foster a dynamic community that people instinctively engage with and trust. 


Social media marketing increases your reach

Increase your reach.

Over the last years, organic reach has constantly dropped. Social algorithms are pivoting to privacy-focused messaging and networking platforms. Besides that, your employees have up to 10 times more followers than your company has. 

Social media marketing makes more impact

Make more impact.

Content shared through the personal profiles of your employees gets up to 8 times more engagement than the same content shared on your brand channels. 

Social media marketing boost trust and credibility

Boost trust and credibility.

Audiences have become very skeptical of what brands have to say. 66% of your audiences don’t believe branded social messages. Content shared by friends and family is likely to find more trustworthy. 

How Social Seeder can help you
with employee advocacy

As you can imagine, implementing a successful employee advocacy program doesn't happen overnight. Luckily we have 5+ years of experience in launching and scaling employee advocacy in 250+ organizations across different industries.

Discover how Social Seeder can help you in this process:


  • 1-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your employees to share content
  • You stay in charge of the look & feel of the content
  • Track campaigns and learn which content performs better
  • Measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor the efforts of your employees: who is sharing, how many engagements and clicks is this generating, ...

Curious for more?

Want to get started with Employee Advocacy? Let's schedule a call to discover how Social Seeder can guide you.

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