Social selling through employee advocacy

Social selling through employee advocacy

Give your salesforce the right tool to establish their thought leadership and help them to become social selling experts.a

Social media has become a crucial part of the buying journey of your customers. 75% of B2B buyers use a form of social media to make purchasing decisions, according to an IDC survey. Being online, showing your expertise, establishing thought leadership and building relationships, has become an important strategy for organizations. No wonder so many companies are tapping into the benefits of social selling.
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What is social selling? 

Social selling is a strategy that is implemented through the personal social media profiles of your salespeople. Social selling is all about searching and finding the right prospects, engaging them with thoughtful and valuable content, until they are up for sales. Your salespeople position themselves to be top of mind when your prospect is ready for sales.

Discover why your company should tap into the possibilities of social selling:

Social selling establish thought leadership

Social selling establish thought leadership.

Your employees demonstrate your company's expertise by sharing content on their own social media profiles. Your audience sees a brand who is knowledgeable in your industry and employes enthusiastic experts, who are encouraged to share. 

Social selling builds your company brand

Social selling builds your company brand.

By helping your salespeople to build a personal brand in tandem with the company brand, you are reinforcing each other. You show your audience that your company is transparent and authentic and dares to speak with individual voices, not just corporate speak.

Social selling builds meaningful relationships

Social selling builds meaningful relationships.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Without a relationship, there can be no sales. By investing in social selling, you put a familiar face to your content and give your salesforce the ability to enhance their know, like and trust factor.

Social selling drives new sales

Social selling drives new sales.

Did you know that sales rep who regularly share are 45% more likely to exceed quota? While investing in social selling, your brand visibility increases and so do leads and the quality of those leads.

How Social Seeder can help you achieve social selling success

As you can imagine, rolling out social selling won't bring you overnight success. Consistency is key: developing a habit of daily social activity, setting up learning initiatives for your salespeople, providing the right content on a regular base, ... These are crucial parts of social selling success. 

Discover how Social Seeder can help you in this process:


  • 1-click-and-share platform to make it easy and convenient for your salespeople to share content
  • You stay in charge of the look & feel of the content
  • Track campaigns and learn which content performs better
  • Measure ROI by tracking URLs easily and find out which campaigns drive more sales
  • Monitor the efforts of your salespeople: who is sharing, how many engagements and clicks is this generating, ...

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