Fluvius recruitment campaign  delivers stunning results

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Implementing brand ambassadors delivers stunning results

Fluvius started working with Social Seeder in 2016 to release the power of employee advocacy.  Initially they didn't implement Social Seeder for employee recruitment, but their Working At Fluvius campaign turned out to be a big success.


Fluvius had 3 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  • Improve internal and external communication: provide our colleagues with content that is interesting for them and for their network to keep them informed but also encourage them to share our messages.

  • Boost brand awareness: we want people to get to know Fluvius and what we do. There is no better way to do this than through the voice of our employees.

  • Create a happy and engaged community: we are very grateful for our ambassadors and, of course, want to keep them happy and engaged. We want to create a community that makes our ambassadors proud.


Fluvius offers network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heat and public lighting.

The company also has an important social role in the realisation of climate objectives, the fight against energy poverty and the independent management of energy data.

Fluvius has over 2000 employees.


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Thanks to Social Seeder, all of our colleagues are networkers and help us share our messages with their professional and social networks.

Kenneth De Guchtenaere
Communication and Public affairs, Digital Media & Campaigns Specialist



Very selective campaigns


6 content segments


Recruitment campaigns very successful


At the moment, they have more than 200 ambassadors who have enlisted to their programme and more than 65% of them share on a regular basis.

They are very selective with the content that they send to our ambassadors and, for the moment, they are only sending a campaign per month. They believe the impact of each campaign is higher this way: their ambassador programme is not about quantity but about quality.

That’s why they have created 6 different content segments to let ambassadors decide the type of content they want to receive.

  • Content focused on recruitment.
  • Fluvius’ work against energy poverty.
  • Sustainable mobility.
  • Energy related to building and renovating.
  • Facts, numbers and statistics about Fluvius and energy in general.
  • Corporate content about Fluvius.

Use case Fluvius (Featured)


Working at Fluvius

They noticed that the ambassador programme really works on many different aspects.

For example, their campaigns related to recruitment and job openings work extremely well. This is normal of course. Seeing a friend share a job offer from a company where they work is always more reliable than when the same offer comes through corporate channels or advertising. It immediately gives more confidence and trust in the company.

Fluvius - Seeding page

This campaign was shared more 81 times by 66 ambassadors so some ambassadors shared the campaign in more than one social media channel at a time.

The campaign generated a reach of around 7,226 people and more than 650 unique hits. This means that each ambassador who shared the campaign drove around 10 people to our content!

Plus, it also needs to be taken into account that these visitors arrived at their website referred by someone they know so the effect is very different from advertisements.