Rode Kruis drives awareness to urgent blood donation

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Creating awareness, increasing traffic and promote events using Social Seeder

The big challenge for Rode Kruis is to reach their volunteers that are spread out over the country. They are not located in one central office, making it very difficult to communicate the values and mission effectively.

They are also permanently looking for donors and sponsors for their cause. Thus employee advocacy is for them a very powerful tool to reach their network.


Rode Kruis had 3 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  • Create awareness: we try to get our name out there and get people to know us.

  • Drive traffic to our website: In most of our campaigns, we share blogposts that we believe are interesting and relevant for our ambassadors and their audience. Our goal in these cases is that ambassadors and their network read the blog and, once they finish reading it, they start browsing the rest of the website.

  • Boost conversion: for instance, we use Social Seeder to promote our events and get people to sign up.

Rode Kruis is an independent volunteer organization with the mission of defending the interests of vulnerable people, being proactive in emergency management, promoting sef-reliance and organizing blood supply, and caring for vulnerable individuals.

Rode Kruis has 806 professionals and 250 regional offices in Flanders, and is active in 180 countries.


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Whether we are communicating about disasters or, closer to home, about the urgent need of blood donors: as an NGO it’s very important that our messages gets spread in a fast and easy way. Thanks to Social Seeder we can count on hundreds of employees, volunteers and fans to do this.

Karen Walgraeve
Online Media Expert



+950 ambassadors


Increased traffic to website


Increased involvement from network


Use Case Rode Kruis - Seeding Page - Donors

Use Case Rode Kruis - Seeding Page - Emergency situation