Toyota Material Handling records 500% increase in website traffic

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Increasing website traffic and employee ambassadors

Toyota Material Handling was looking for a solution to improve their performance in social media.

They noticed that they were not generating enough traffic from their social media channels to their website.

They knew that content is more trustworthy and effective when people receive it from someone they know, so they were looking for a solution that would allow them to activate their employees to share the company’s messages on their personal social media accounts.


Toyota Material Handling had 3 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  • Create a community of ambassadors, starting with their own employees.
  • Increase the traffic from their social media channels to their website.
  • Increase the impact of each piece of content by using their employee’s social media channels.

Toyota Material Handling Belgium is the official supplier of Toyota and BT material handling equipment in Belgium and offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help improve your material handling operations.




+500% traffic on the website


225+ ambassadors


55% active ambassadors

Toyota Material Handling (Featured)


First of all, Toyota Material Handling started by identifying their potential internal ambassadors and inviting them to become part of their ambassador program. Once they had a good base of ambassadors, they started to share quality content regularly with them.

In order to boost participation, they organize a contest in which they reward their best internal ambassadors with Toyota Merchandising.

Finally, Toyota Material Handling realized that their content performed better when it was interesting not only for their employees but especially for their employee’s network. For this reason, they try not to focus their content too much on their products and services and share things that can be interesting to the general public. For example, one of their best performing campaigns was a video about future technology that was really appreciated by their audience.

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