Delaware activates employees to upvote colleague as Young ICT Lady of the Year


Delaware started working with Social Seeder in 2017 to release the power of employee advocacy. The results are impressive and we’ll share them with you in this use case.

About delaware

Delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organisations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

They have 1.700 employees with 32 nationalities working in 26 regional offices and are active in 13 countries.

“We originate from a dream to initiate an organization that lasts. A company that lives on through succeeding generations and our customers’ successes. An intense organization eager and warm, demonstrating commitment with a spirit.”

Peter Oyserman (founding partner of delaware)

Why did they choose Social Seeder?

Delaware chose to work with Social Seeder for two reasons.

First they wanted to engage with their employees with an employee advocacy program.

Second they wanted to embrace Social Seeder for their marketing purposes.

They believed that Social Seeder could create the required impact they needed.

Goals of the ambassador program

  1. Create awareness: we try to get our name out there and get people to know us.
  2. Drive traffic to our website: In most of our campaigns, we share blogposts that we believe are interesting and relevant for our ambassadors and their audience. Our goal in these cases is that ambassadors and their network read the blog and, once they finish reading it, they start browsing the rest of the website.
  3. Boost conversion: for instance, we use Social Seeder to promote our events and get people to sign up. We also use it to move people to participate in other actions like when we asked our ambassadors to help us gain votes for Annelies, a colleague who was a candidate for “Young ICT lady of the year”.

Campaigns and results

At the moment, we have more than 210 ambassadors, 80% of which are active. We are sending, on average, four campaigns per month to different segments of our ambassadors and we are quite happy with the results we are obtaining through Social Seeder.

Sometimes, some campaigns don’t perform as well as we would like, but this is great feedback from our employees. It helps us understand what type of content they want and what they believe is interesting for their network. They work as a filter between us and our external audience.

We definitely notice that some types of content perform better and some subjects do better than others.

For example, the campaigns about “AI 4 business” and “young ICT lady of the year” are 2 examples of successful campaigns that have been very well received by our ambassadors.

ICT lady of the year

This campaign was launched to promote Annelies, one of our colleagues, as a candidate for the ”Young ICT Lady of the Year” and get people to vote for her.

delaware - Seeding page ICT lady of the year

Our team responded to our request and we were able to drive quite some people to the voting site to support our colleague. The 47 involved employees got more than 290 people to vote for Annelies!

AI 4 Business Summit

This is another of our campaigns that was very well received by our ambassadors.

Delaware is an innovative company. We have been passionate about AI from the very beginning and, with this campaign we wanted our employees to share our pride for being one of the partners and co- creators of the AI 4 Business Summit.

delaware - seeding page AI 4 Business Summit

The results were very positive. The 47 employees shared the campaign on 1.85 social media channels on average and they helped us drive around 320 people to our website; almost 7 people per ambassador.


Social Seeder ensures that our #peopleofdelaware can actively participate in spreading the word about our most recent news. By sending different content (going from events to blogs and press releases) to different ambassador groups, we can reach people far beyond our boundaries.

Bieke Truyaert (Digital Marketing Assistant)

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