Employee advocacy within the Adecco Group


The Adecco Group is the number one Human Resources service provider in the world. They are the oldest member of the recruitment family with more than 5,100 agencies in 60 countries around the world.

No matter what sector, the 33,000 Adecco Group employees are committed to bringing companies and talents together.

The expectations & objectives of The Adecco Group

Together with Social Seeder, 3 objectives were defined:

  • Boost the feeling of engagement.
  • Strengthen their reputation.
  • Promote events through their ambassadors.
adecco campaign

How was the employee advocacy program implemented?

1. Recruiting ambassadors for the Adecco Group.

Initially, an email was sent to all their employees to introduce them to the program and invite them to become an Ambassador.

After that, they used their intranet to recruit and introduced Social Seeder in their digital training courses. Besides that each new member receives information about the program on their first day at work.

2. Management, The first Engaged advocates!

Management was the first group that brought together the other team members to enter the Employee Advocacy program.

At the start of the program:

  • 40 employees became an ambassador.
  • 50% shared regularly.

At the moment the Adecco group has:

  • 144 ambassadors.
  • 2 - 3 campaigns per month.

adecco resultaten

The results

  • For over four years, Social Seeder had helped Adecco strengthen their community and helped them with the impact and visibility of their actions.
  • They received more than 25.000 visitors to their website by releasing the power of their ambassadors.
  • Besides that the employees' sense of engagement was boosted thanks to the program.
  • Thanks to Social Seeder, the Adecco Group was able to launch and build loyalty in ITS online community to further involve the staff in its digital image.
  • The Adecco Group confirmed that Social Seeder has not only fostered employee participation but also the participation from managers, who have been true examples for all.

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