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Guidion started working with Social Seeder in 2018 to release the power of employee advocacy. The results are impressive and we’ll share them with you in this use case.

About Guidion

Since 2005 Guidion teams up with freelancers, offering technical support in and around the house for customers from both national and international partners.

Why did they choose Social Seeder?

We have been working with Social Seeder since 2018, mostly for employer branding purposes and to engage with our employees.

Goals of the ambassador program

Guidion had 3 clear objectives with Social Seeder:

  1. Create awareness: we try to get our name out there and get people to know us.
  2. Drive traffic to our website: In most of our campaigns, we share blogposts  that we believe are interesting and relevant for our ambassadors and their audience. Our goal in these cases is that ambassadors and their network read  the blog and, once they finish reading it, they start browsing the rest of the website.

  3. Boost conversion: for instance, we use Social Seeder to promote our events and get people to sign up. 

Campaigns and results

We started working with Social Seeder in 2018 and we already feel the impact. At the moment, we have more than 100 ambassadors, 45% of which are active. We are sending, on average, 2 campaigns per month to different segments of our ambassadors and we are quite happy with the results.

For example the campaigns about “Let’s grow-trainer” and “Office puppy Lily” are two successful campaigns that have been very well received by our ambassadors.

Let’s grow-trainer

Use Case Guidion - Seeding Page Grow-trainer

This campaign was launched to promote « Let’s grow-trainer and coach». The 20 involved ambassadors got more than 405 people to our website.

Office puppy Lily

Use Case Guidion - Seeding Page Lily

Again, the results were very positive. The 20 fans shared the campaign on 2,2 social media channels on average and they helped us drive around 405 people to our website. Almost 20 persons per ambassador.


I firmly believe in personal and authentic communication. Our people tell the story. Social Seeder is the tool we use to create a valuable community.

Laurens Tienkamp-Beishuizen - Head Communications (Head Communications at Guidion).

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