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Use Case ING Belgium (Header)

ING Belgium increases employee involvement with corporate content

ING Belgium started working with Social Seeder to release the power of employee advocacy. The results are impressive and we’ll share them with you in this use case.

About ING

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. But they are active worldwide including Belgium. 

Why did they choose Social Seeder?

The market was changing: people are more informed, they search for online information before purchasing a product or visiting a branch and, more importantly, they are more willing to trust their peers more than a brand.

This situation, together with the increasing importance of social media resulted in the fact that ambassador marketing was something on which ING Belgium wanted to focus.

Goals of the ambassador program

This resulted in three main goals:

  • Create a community of proud ambassadors, starting with their employees.
  • Involve their ambassadors to share ING’s content with their network on social media channels.
  • Increase their online reach.

Campaigns and results

ING Belgium’s program consists out of three pillars:

  1. The awareness stage: inform employees that ING really wants them to spread the word about the company on their social networks and give tips on how to do this through an interactive e-learning.
  2. Facilitate promotership: provide ambassadors with relevant content for their target audience, and make it very easy to share.
  3. Rewards: It is important to show appreciation for the ambassadors’ contributions. However, ING Belgium believes that ambassadors should share the content because they are proud to be part of the community or they feel the content is interesting for the network of the ambassador, and not only for the rewards.

The results were an increased online reach thanks to a community of ambassadors that helped to share the content. On top of that employees are more involved with ING’s activities and promotion.

A campaign that shows this is: Digital Adoption. 

Use Case ING - Seeding Page

Of the 341 ambassadors 53% opened the email and went to the seeding page. 76% of them shared the message on 3 of their own social media channels. This resulted in 29,1 clicks per ambassador and an estimated reach of 20719 people.


We are very happy with the results because now we have an increased reach that we didn’t have before and, on top of that, now we have a larger community of promoters.

Ilse Booten (Digital & Social Media Manager at ING Belgium)


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