Romande Energie triples its brand ambassadors with Social Seeder


Romande Energie, the first electricity supplier in the French speaking part of Switzerland and a benchmark company, wanted to increase the reach of their messages on social networks and highlight their employees.

As they gained more visibility, they started to receive more job applications from candidates, and even tripled their number of brand ambassadors since the beginning of their ambassador program. Their ambassadors are excited to be part of this program and feel invested in the company’s mission to also raise the public’s awareness of the ecological transition.

This is how they succeeded in their challenge:


Who is Romande Energie?


As a leading energy provider and the largest electricity supplier in French-speaking Switzerland, the Group offers a multitude of sustainable solutions in areas as varied as energy distribution and production, energy services, energy efficiency and electric mobility. Through its own 100% renewable production, its innovative services and its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the Group intends to develop, with its customers, investors and colleagues, a better living environment. Romande Energie is also committed to offering daily high-quality services and to guaranteeing a reliable supply, as close as possible to its customers' expectations, in order to accompany them through the energy transition.


What was your goal when you started using Social Seeder?

We were aiming to increase the reach of our corporate messages on our social networks while putting our employees in the spotlight.


Once you discovered Social Seeder, what did you find interesting about the platform?

After a two-year pilot project, we were able to learn and build a lasting, complete, and effective program that meets Romande Energie's communication needs and makes the experience simple and fun for the participants. The participation for the employee/colleague is now simplified: Thanks to the Social Seeder platform, which is managed and set up by the communication teams, they participate in the distribution of Romande Energie's messages on social networks in just three clicks.



What are the goals of your ambassador program? 

The objective of the "REporters" program is to engage Romande Energie employees in sharing the company's stories and messages that make them proud, to help human resources find tomorrow's talent through their own networks, to reinforce the company culture.

The goal is to reflect, both internally and externally, the dynamism of Romande Energie and its anchoring around a digital strategy.

Let's mention our SMART goals:

  • Increase the visibility of our messages (reach) on social networks.
  • Increase the number of applications for job offers qualified as "difficult to recruit".
  • Develop a sense of belonging among employees/colleagues and the company culture.
  • Develop the employer branding and image of the company.


How do you engage and motivate employees as ambassadors?

More concretely, we carry out an average of two campaigns per month, in order not to overburden our colleagues, while maintaining a sufficiently high level of interest. We provide a variety of topics (blog posts, specific projects, events, job offers, etc.) and that very often position us as actors in the energy transition. Employees are usually proud to share this type of content; the feeling of belonging is strong, so we have a very high rate of engagement and sharing. The ambassadors are motivated thanks to small incentives: welcome gift, Christmas gift, gifts for the most active colleagues, etc. We would like to go further in the animation of the community, but with Covid it is quite complicated.


Are you able to draw insights, useful information from the dashboard?

The dashboard allows you to have a good general view of the program at a glance, the best campaigns (the ones that received the most clicks, the ones that got the most shares) and the new subscribers. The possibility to make more specific statistics via the "harvest" section is also very useful.


Do you adapt your next campaigns based on this information?

The figures on each campaign allow us to know which topics are popular and successful; we choose the next campaigns according to this but not always. Sometimes we have the necessity or the will to communicate on certain topics or events, but what is important is the way we present these topics to our colleagues: we always try to motivate them by explaining the interest of sharing this or that post from their point of view.


Since launching your ambassador program, what kind of impact have you seen in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement?

Since the beginning of the program, the number of ambassadors has tripled and we are currently experiencing a great rush, both in terms of campaign sharing and new subscribers. We personally receive feedback from colleagues who are happy and excited to be part of this program. In addition, we live in a time of increasing awareness of the issues related to the ecological transition. Our company attaches real importance to this - the environment is one of the three pillars of our Group - and employees feel invested in the mission of contributing to this awareness. As for the HR aspect, the program does indeed make advertisements more visible and attract more applicants.


We would like to thank Roxanne Tonus, Romande Energie Communications Officer, for this interview.

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