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Social Seeder down to basics

We create communities by simplifying communication between you, your co-workers and their social networks. Social Seeder allows your ambassadors to share relevant messages in a few clicks through multiple social networks. Your brand image improves. Social selling gets a boost. Plus, you attract new talent and bring recruitment costs down.

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Getting started in 3 simple steps

Expertise matters at Social Seeder

1. The ambassador program strategy

In a hands-on workshop with one of our customer success team members, we map all necessary steps using our unique Ambassador Canvas.

With our Ambassador Canvas, you’ll have the strategy in hand to recruit, activate and engage your community of ambassadors.

Based on the canvas we set-up your environment and our customer success team will be able to help you reach your goal.

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2. Recruit and engage your coworkers

Now you’re ready to launch your program and start recruiting your ambassadors. Our easy to use platform makes it possible to optimize your content, segment your ambassadors and send out campaigns.

Your ambassadors will be able to share your content with just a few simple clicks.


3. Take a deep dive in your custom dashboard

As data and analytics are essential to discover the real impact of your coworkers, dive into your custom dashboards to learn about:

  • The level of your internal and external engagement.
  • The impact of your campaigns.
  • The level of social media savviness in your company.
  • The level of conversions coming from your campaigns.

Learn, adapt, improve and create long-lasting impact.

Ready to bring your organization and people together?

Find out more about how we work and start building a successful employee engagement program today.


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