The many benefits of an employee engagement

We create communities by simplifying communication between you, your co-workers and their social networks. Social Seeder allows your ambassadors to share relevant messages in a single click through multiple social networks. Your brand image improves. Social selling gets a boost. Plus, you attract new talent and bring recruitment costs down.

No substitute for experience at Social Seeder

No substitute for experience

Social Seeder began in 2013 and has grown to serve 250+ customers across four continents. Our platform and methodology have helped everyone from non-profits to multinationals. We’ve learned from experience that running a successful employee engagement program is part art and part science, but no matter how digital our world becomes, we’re still 100% humans.

Expertise matters at Social Seeder

Expertise matters

Communication in a busy and distracted environment can often use the input of experts. Our experienced team will review your needs and help you find the right answer to your strategic and technical challenges. But learning is not one-way exercise at Social Seeder. We take our customers’ feedback and use the global insight to continually improve our program. Together, we advance our communication capabilities.

Social Seeder brings people together

Bring people together

Our platform is nothing more than a great tool to make our larger, more important goal reality: bring organizations and their people closer together. Our enthusiastic Customer Success Team helps you get the most out of our tool throughout the entire ambassador cycle. From a platform set-up pre-check, to workshops and benchmarks, we're ready to support you so that you can focus on engaging your ambassadors and their networks.

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Numbers don’t lie

Every year 95% of Social Seeder’s clients renew!

Don't just take our word for it. 

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